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ST Italy photohunt: overhead

Every time I go back to my trip photos, I seem to find new ones that strike my fancy. How wonderful to have these images through which I can relive my experiences. It lifts my sagging spirits to mentally wander the streets and surrounds of Florence. And many other places too, like Assisi, Rome, Sorrento and Venice, although Florence touches my soul in a way I cannot describe.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand...I posted a photo yesterday on SlowTalk for the current Italy photohunt: overhead. It was so hard to pick just one photo!! I have a bunch of photos from my October trip that would fit this theme, so am going to share them here. The first is the one I posted on ST, the rest are the runners-up! Enjoy!

Looking up at Palazzo Vecchio from the Loggia:

Looking down at the Loggia from the Palazzo Vecchio:

The dome in Santo Spirito:

One of the many stunning cloudbursts that caught my eye:

Way up high in the sky:

San Miniato at the top of a lot of stairs:

The bell tower of San Miniato:

Ceiling and apse mosaic in San Miniato:

Glazed terra cotta medallions by Luca della Robbia in San Miniato:

Cool tree atop a wall/tower near San Miniato:

Odd contrast between the new (electric tower) and the old (castle tower):

A park of cypress trees near San Miniato:

Inside the Duomo in Florence:

Innermost detail of the dome in the Duomo:

The tower of the Badia Fiorentina:

Looking out of my apartment window in the Oltrarno:

Intriguing birch trees overhead in Fiesole:

Gazing down the Grand Canal with the ill-fitting new bridge overhead:

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Beautiful photos Anne. I am always looking up when in Italy. I sometimes get in trouble though with cars almost hitting me. I need to remember to pay attention but it is difficult with all that beauty everywhere. Love these photos! Thanks for sharing. I might have to take a daytrip to Florence again this year, but this time spend the entire day there.


girasoli, it is hard to focus on anything so mundane as watching where you're going in Italy! My eyes are constantly pulled here, there and everywhere too!

Nice photo collection with some different perspectives and interesting themes. I smiled when I saw the last photo - wonderful memories shared in Venice. I love looking at my Italy photos and discovering new details on them. Italy is so photogenic!


Thanks Maria. Of course, I thought of you when I came across that photo! Good times ♥

Fabulous photos, Anne.


Anne, what beautiful photos! The rising moon in your photo of the bell tower of San Miniato is very cool. I've only visited there once, and for not nearly long enough. I must go back!


Thanks Candi!

Sandra, I found San Miniato just gorgeous and peaceful. And loved the chanted mass. After taking that shot, I carried on down the hill and have a lovely photo of the rising moon beside the fake David in P. Michelangelo too...will post that soon!

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