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Bubbles of joy in my heart ♥

My friend Chiocciola wrote a wonderfully uplifting entry about gratitude recently. One of the things she said was "I feel bubbles of joy in my heart when I think about the places I'll go". What an awesome phrase, doesn't it just make your own heart sing out with glee?!" I want to share some of the things that bring bubbles of joy to MY heart...

- the freedom to let my inner five year old hang out with my wonderful husband Dave (who is SO jealous that he can't make cool popping noises with his lips, or wiggle his nose, or cross one eye while looking around with the other...)

- relieving childhood memories with my sister Lynn (who recently reminded me of our imaginary alter agos Mrs. Clevell and Mrs. Benjamin...the former was full of grace, the latter was a crankpot. Being the younger sister, I always had to play the part of Mrs. Benjamin. Until one magical day when I was allowed to be Mrs. Clevell - oh joy, oh bliss!!! But then my joy went up in smoke when Lynn invented an even better character for herself! Too funny.)

- times when my daughters are having fun together and their laughter fills my ears with joyful sound and my heart with happiness ♥

- spending time with my best friend Valerie (We are still growing together and learning about each other, but the bonds of our friendship already feel unshakeable, unbreakable, timeless. We don't even have to be together in person to have fun...we have some marvellously foolish conversations on facebook chat!)

- the wonders of creation (the tangy scent and roar of the ocean, the warmth of the sun on my face, the smell of spring, rainbows, the sparkle of sun on new fallen snow, I could go on forever ♥)

- unexpected moments when my soul is flooded with light and love and gratitude for all of the blessings I have in my amazing journey of life!

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You always make me smile... thanks for that!


My pleasure, Andrea, I'm so glad to know this brought a smile to your face, certainly lifted my spirits to write it! :)

Great post, Anne. I love your photos also. The collage of your wonders of creations is just awesome.
I hope the bubbles in your heart go forever:)

And they are all beautiful bubbles of joy. You are truly blessed!


Thanks Candi, I love the collage too - might print it off and frame it! I hope for forever bubbles too :)

Maria, I am blessed not only with the things I've written about above, but in so many other ways too, such as wonderful friends like you! I just read your entry about your Venetian shrine. How lovely to see it now in your home and remember the day you found this treasure!

Barb Cabot:

Anne, thank you for this lovely post. You have such a warm heart, full of joy. It's so nice to read your blog because you are so full of light and love and gratitude. You are a constant reminder to us to be thankful for our daily gifts.


I can see the "bubbles of joy" in all of the faces in your photos.

I know you are a happy camper after the stressful three weeks you had.


Oh Barb, what a wonderful thing to say! I feel all warm and fuzzy now :) Thank you so much!!

You're right, Nancy, the "high" of relief is still with me! The bubbles sure help carry us through the darker days, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such joy!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, beautiful photos. I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, smiling bubbles of joy in your heart.

Have a great day Anne!

What a nice post! The photos are all so wonderful.



Wonderful pictures! You seem to be able to capture things so beautifully. You will be taking all the pictures this summer, by the way, and I'll just steal them!

tapping into the inner child is amazing and was such a joy after a long day of meetings.



Hi Kathy, I think the bubbles multiply with sharing! Just like smiles and love :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

Thanks Cindy Ruth, glad you enjoyed them. I just bought a new photo frame that holds about nine images, I think I will go with a Bubbles of joy theme!

Valerie, maybe my joy bubbles over into my camera lens?! Not to worry, I'll be taking lots of photos this summer (athough not ALL of them...be nice if I got to be in a few, after all!)


Well Mrs. Benjamin, you've written another beautiful, touching post. Why, I'd go so far as to say it is filled with grace. Amazingly good for a cranky old bat! You'd think you were Mrs. Clevell or something...


Lynn, all I can say to that is: Hahahahaha!! Too funny! (And I agree, not a bad entry for a cranky old bat, is it?!)


What a wonderful turn of phrase -- bubbles of joy! And as Nancy says, we can really see the joy bubbling in all of your faces!


Sandra, it really is a wonderful phrase, you can see why I had to steal it from Chiocciola! I think the bubbles are positively overflowing in the photo of Dave and the girls (they were trying to keep him from covering his face with his hands so I could get a decent photo - job well done, I'd say!)

This is such a beautiful and positive post. I really love that phrase - bubbles of joy in my heart. Great photos! Finally catching up with everyone :)


Thanks girasoli :) (I haven't caught up yet, at least not on comments - tried to leave some for you the other day, but kept getting error messages. Grr!)

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