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Tapping into our inner child...

Or...how much time can two grown women spend making smiley faces?

Valerie's comment ("tapping into the inner child is amazing and was such a joy after a long day of meetings") on my last entry reminded me that I had copied one of our recent facebook chats into a blog entry but forgot to publish it...so here it is now. In all honesty, our childishness probably falls into the "you had to be there" category, but hey it's my blog, and I was there! ;)

I highly recommend silly conversations...they are just one of the infinite ways to create bubbles of joy in your heart ♥ And one can never have too many bubbles...unless of course you're supposed to be giving up carbonated beverages for health reasons...you know who you are :)

Joining our chat in progress - because facebook only holds so much history - I had just told her about Dave (affectionately) calling me a 5 year old for making cool popping noises with my lips...


[As an example of her husband Mark's oddball humour, his current facebook status is "for a second there, I thought I had stigmata, turns out it was just a hole in my sock." Naturally I told him he is a lunatic!]


If anyone would like to join us in our scheme to take over the world, just say the word! We can always use more expendable crew members...er, I mean valued team mates ;)

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Mrs. Clevell:

Can I get in on that taking-over-the-world thing? Although I must graciously insist (emphasis on "graciously") that I not be considered an expendable crew member! I'm certain you will discover, during your quest for world domination, that a dollop of grace goes a long way toward helping one to accomplish even the loftiest goals. As such I think my talents will prove to be indispensable to your cause.


Dear Mrs. Clevell, I feel certain your awesome and unique talents will indeed be most desirable additions to our team. Your new red uniform awaits. Oh wait, you requested NOT to be an expendable crew member, didn't you? Ok, you can choose a blue or yellow uniform to ensure your safety on field missions!
Welcome aboard, sister!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, a little inner child silliness sounds like fun! And I did learn how to do more smiley faces. :) Have a good day!


Hey Kathy, you can never have too many smiley faces in your repertoire ;)

Thanks for stopping by and joining the fun! :)

I still am pretty clueless with Facebook. Is this a chat room in Facebook? Can anyone join in (anyone on your friends list)? I guess I should just make up a name to sign up to snoop and try to figure this thing out.


girasoli, there's just a one-to-one chat feature on facebook. I find it confusing to juggle more than one conversation at a time (must be my old age, my daughters don't seem to have the same problem switching mental gears!) It can be quite fun though, although I don't actually use it that much.

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