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An awesome prayer

Valerie sent this email to our congregation this morning:

"When I opened my book this morning this is the prayer that I began my day with:

Let me live today. Let me be open to the miracle of this day. Let me breathe the best of today. Let me find the gift of today, hidden like a jewel in the rubble of care, duty and detail.

Let me pause to hear the steady beat of the heart of God – hoping, aching, sorrowing, expectant, patient, despairing heart of God.

Listen, listen, do you hear it? Ever so faint but steady, steady, rhythmic organ, strong muscle, thumping, pumping, sustaining, encompassing, wildly dancing heart of God.

Let me live this day, aware, open, listening, breathing, alive.
(by Rev. Virginia Going)

May this day be so for you.

Blessings to all this day

I am utterly delighted by the exuberant image of a wildly dancing heart of God! I hope this prayer lifts your heart and soul as it does mine ♥

Have an awesome day!! :)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful prayer. Definitely lifts my heart and soul! Thank you for passing this along and have a great weekend Anne!

It IS a wonderful prayer. It would be wonderful as song lyrics too (seems perfect to set to music).

Thanks for sharing it!


Oh Kathy, so glad to hear that! :) And you have a great weekend too!

Hey Annie, you are so right, this would make incredible song lyrics!! Just thinking that there is an amazing jazz singer-songwriter in our congregation, I bet she could really do something with these words. If I see her, I must suggest it. Thanks for the idea! :)

Barb Cabot:

This is so beautiful and the image of God's heart thumping for us all is as beautiful an image as is his hands cupped together holding each of us. Love this Anne. Thank you so much.


Barb, I love the image of God holding us too. I hadn't thought of the cupped hands holding us, but I know everytime I have my prayer shawl around me, I feel wrapped in God's arms. Such a comforting, strengthening, loving feeling.

Very nice blessing - thank you for sharing it with us.


My pleasure, Marta :)

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