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Best friends ;)


Swine flu (sorry, "H1N1 influenza") is very much in the news of Nova Scotia lately. There's a fair bit of paranoia about it, too. Not in my own office, but others have told me about their experiences. One woman who returned from a vacation in Mexico was told not to come into the office the rest of the week because her co-workers didn't want her there (she had absolutely no signs of illness.) Another guy was also sent home for the rest of the week after returning from vacation with a cold...the twist is that he'd been vacationing in the Dominican Republic, not Mexico!! It's understandable to take precautions, but I think a few folks need to educate themselves about this virus. Easy to see how mass hysteria can build during a pandemic.

Oh and I would have posted a language warning first, but didn't want to spoil the cartoon's ending... :`)

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Very funny, Anne.
I agree, paranoia doesn't take us anywhere, we need to take precautions, get educated, and hope for the best.


Candi, I guess it's easy to get carried away in fear when details are sketchy. But hopefully people will be rational about this, as it keeps spreading.

The cartoon cracked me up though...and reminded me of a running joke with my own best friend at Christmas time about me being an outcast (I was a bag of germs the whole holiday season.) Thanks to Dave for sending it to me :)


Anne, that cracked me up as well! I love Pooh and Piglet and began reading, thinking "what a delightful little tale......"

I agree, enough with the swine flu already! Although the paranoia and handwashing is probably cutting down on all kinds of other viruses!


Very funny, reminds us to keep a perspective.


lol Sandra, you're probably right, just think of all the viruses we are spared because of this!

Marcia, it sure does! :)


I also think it has become a little too blown up but am worried if it reaches my classroom. I do not want to become sick with even a minor flu at the end of the school year and especially right before my trip. I also am worried about how the flu affects little ones.

It is a lost cause to get my kids to keep their fingers out of their eyes, nose, mouth and to cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing although we do work on this daily (even before the Swine Flu hit the news). We have been working on washing hands a little more thoroughly but it is tough with 3 & 4 year olds.


I agree, girasoli, it's just the paranoid overreactions that I have a problem with, not the reasonable precautions. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, great cartoon! Glad you didn't put the language spoiler,... :)

Great post!


Thanks Kathy, it's always good to know people aren't offended by these things. I thought it hilarious as well!

Have a great week!

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