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Countdown to Newfoundland

I just added a countdown clock (over on the right side of my main page, under my blurb) for our upcoming trip to July. However, I don't yet have much in the way of travel plans to share. All I know so far is that we are...

...going for two weeks in July. We are taking an overnight Friday ferry to get there, but not yet sure what day we're coming back.

...staying at Valerie's house, the exact location of which still remains a mystery to me. Hmm, maybe this is a test to see just how good my stalking skills are...although truth be told, I'm pretty sure I could find it on my own!

...going to have an awfully hard time trying to keep track of who's who in Valerie's confusing and sprawling extended family. I may have to adopt that Newfoundland thing of calling everyone "my love", simply because I won't remember their names! lol Especially since Valerie keeps forgetting that I don't know everyone so doesn't always do introductions. Not that I'm complaining, it's actually pretty cool that she thinks of me as already knowing everyone in her life!

...all planning to camp at Gros Morne for a couple/few days. And planning to climb Gros Morne mountain itself - what marvellous views we should have from there, of the mountain, the fiords, the ocean...sigh. After that day's hike, look for us in the nearby 25 person hot tub!!

...all incredibly excited about this trip, especially me because it's my first time to visit Newfoundland and I can't wait to see this beautiful province. Everyone I know says it is absolutely gorgeous (and it does seem like everyone I know has been to Newfoundland so it's about time I get to experience it too!) One girl in my office said "once you've been there, you'll never want to leave!" (Uh oh, if that's the case, I better warn Valerie that she might not be able to get rid of me!)

...so looking forward to sharing all this wonderful time together away from work :)

Here are some photos from last summer when M went with Valerie's family to Newfoundland. I think I posted some of these before, but they're all I've got until I have some photos of my own to share...and you know I'll come home with hundreds of my own photos!! ;)









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Very cool countdown clock!! The photos remind me a lot of Maine. Sounds like a fun trip planned!!


girasoli, it resembles Nova Scotia in a way, too. Only much larger and wilder, I think. Plus Nova Scotia doesn't have anything like Gros Morne either, so come to think of it, perhaps not much of a resemblance after all! I can't wait to be there! :)

Oh I got the widget from Sandra's blog, and just customized for my trip. I like that I could upload my own image for the background.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, very cool countdown clock! Love the map in the background.

I had to smile reading your blog. You are so funny. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit and to also be able to spend time with your very good friend Valerie and her family is so special. I can't wait to hear all about your time there and to see all of your photos. I have a feeling there'll be a lot of smiling faces in them. . .

Have a wonderful Sunday Anne!

Looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see all your fabulous photos.

I’m really bad at remembering names when I meet a group of people for the very first time. I have to make name associations to remember who’s who.


Thanks Kathy :) It really is special that we will get to spend this time together. I'm sure you are right about the smiles!

Maria, I might have more problem sorting out the connections, than with the names! So many people named aunt, brother or cousin, etc...when I ask about the connection, it will turn out "well, we're not actually related..." :) Valerie's idea of family is WAY broader than what I am used to!


It sounds like a wonderful trip, Anne! I don't blame you for being excited!


thanks Nancy :) I know we will all have so much fun. I've been wanting to go to Newfoundland for years, but somehow Dave and I have never gotten there. Well he's been before, but this will be my first time there. (Am hoping to avoid getting "screeched in" though...will post about that next week, if my friend Andrea will let me steal her photos - she did this hazing ritual last month when she visited Nfld for the first time!)

Valerie's daughter (in yellow above) and my M (in blue) are also best friends, so they too are super-excited to spend this time together!


Anne, that's a great countdown clock! And beautiful photos -- clearly, it's going to be very beautiful in Newfoundland.

I've only been to Newfoundland a few times but I love it. You're going to have such a great vacation there!


Sandra, you too?! I am the last Canadian standing who has not yet been there?! :)

Can't wait to see Gros Morne, it looks absolutely spectacular!! (And of course, who doesn't love a hot tub?!)

Wow it looks gorgeous! I am excited for you! Is the weather usually nice there in the summer?


Chiocciola: duh...I'm not sure! I suspect it is much like Nova Scotia in the sense of being rather unpredictable. Hoping for lots of sun and temps in the mid 20s, but even if it rains everyday, I know I'll enjoy myself! :)

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