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Hey my blog looks really cool in Polish!

I know, it doesn't take much to amuse me, but...I just noticed from my stats that someone has been reading my blog translated into Polish...how cool is that??! I find it amazing that people read translated versions of my blog - first Italian, and now Polish - I love it!! :)


Here's a little bit of a closer look at the current main page in three different languages:

English (duh)...



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I found my blog in Korean and Russian :) Fun seeing your words in print in another language. I love the title of your blog in Italian!


girasoli, me too...doesn't that just roll off the tongue? Russian and Korean would be cool too! Neat that Newfoundland in Polish is "Nowej Funlandii"...sounds like a fun place to visit! lol

I get a kick out how my blog translates out into another language. Part of me wonders if the person found what they were looking for! LOL

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wow that's cool to have your blog in Polish! I haven't tried looking to see if mine is translated too. I'll have to learn how to look that up. It looks very cool and interesting.

Thanks for sharing!

I’ve never seen my blog translated but I do get a good number of hits from abroad, mainly from Italy. Funny to read your blog in Italian - didn’t know you were going to Terranova. :)


Jerry, good point! I wonder what would have drawn someone from Poland to my blog?!

Kathy, I just linked to it from my stats page, the URL for the translated page shows up under a visitor from Poland.

Maria, I love how my blog looks in Italian! ♥ I have hits from other countries too, but mostly seem to read it in English. Great fun when a translated URL shows up though!


Very cool, Anne -- very cosmopolitan! I have to try this myself!


Isn't is just, Sandra? I love it!


How cool is that!

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