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Kreativ Blogger Award

A big thank you to Candi for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I am honoured (and tickled pink) that she finds my blog award-worthy! :)


I believe that, in turn, I am to list 7 things I like, and then nominate 7 other bloggers. So here goes.

My list of 7 things I like:

* My family
...although they are way beyond the category of mere like, so on second thought, I won't include them on this list ;)

* Getting awards
...not so much getting them as being nominated...who doesn't like knowing a blog friend finds your ramblings worthy of an award! Besides this nomination from Candi, I received this from my friend girasoli last year:

* The sky
...the infinite blue depths of daytime, the endless black of night...the glory of the sun, the glow of the moon, the glimmer of the stars...the wisps and lightbursts and cotton puffs of cloud...the flash and crackle of lightening, the rumbling roll of thunder...

* (((Hugs)))
...physical or mental hugs, the warmth of being wrapped in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world ♥

* Water
...swimming in the soft depths of a lake, the exhilaration of ocean waves, my sparkling clean backyard pool, the current of a running river...the feeling of replenishment and refreshment that comes from gulping down a big glass of thirst-quenching, life-sustaining water...the symbolism of spiritual rebirth.

* Cooking
...wine glass in hand, Jesse Cook CD playing, an open cookbook (which I follow only very loosely), inspiration strikes and my family never knows what combination of ingredients will end up on their plates!

* Children in church
...well not just in church, but that is the image that is in my mind right now...the little kids who wander around our sanctuary, playing, asking Valerie things like "whatcha doing?" in the middle of a confirmation ceremony, joining in song, lifting our hearts with their smiles and laughter and wide open hearts...

* Words
...I was going to put books, but in truth, I am very fond of words themselves, whether in books or not. Or be real, or make sense - Jabberwocky is one of my favourite poems ever and I adore Dr. Suess.

* Spring
...the sounds and smells of spring are so wonderful, the rebirth after the cold of winter, the promise of hot summer days to come. I love the music of spring peepers, the thrill of picking and eating rhubarb in early May (it's ready now - woohoo!), the smell of freshly mown grass mixed with the smell of the lawnmower...

* Wait, I almost forgot William Shatner
...because, well, how could I have a list of things I like without including William Shatner?

* Oh and do I need to include acting silly on my list, or has everyone pretty much figured that out by now? ;)

And my list of 7 nominees in no particular order, other than alphabetical:


(ok, so apparently I can't count...)

Comments (15)

What a lovely soul you are! Thank you! That made my day.

I have been away for a few days at a conference. I had the loveliest time!

Great post, Anne. Just goes to tell you I was right about nominating you for this award:)

I love the things you like, and from the way you describe them, I can tell you like them.

Great job! And thanks for returning the award:)


Leslie, I saw your video of the conference - that line dancing break looked like too much fun!

Thanks Candi, you totally deserve it! Glad you like my list - even William Shatner? ;)

Congratulations - great "things I like" list and thanks for passing it on to me!


Thanks Annie, and you are most welcome! :)


Great list, Anne. (Altho I have to question, William Shatner??!!)


Gasp, Sandra, Shatner is an icon!! lol Have you seen his '70s version of Rocket Man?! I shall have to dig it up and post it, it's absolutely hysterical...still not sure if he meant it to be serious or parody though!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, you have a beautiful list! I just love how all the great things on your list are things that money really can't buy . . . unless of course William Shatner has a price. Kidding aside I really enjoyed reading the beautiful way you described everything on your list. You have a great list of nominees too! :) Thank you!

Thank you so much for having such a wonderful blog...


LOL Kathy, perhaps he does, maybe I should check that out! Thank you so much for your very wonderful thoughts, and yes that IS a great list of nominees ;)
Have a great day!

Oh my, thanks so much! That is very sweet of you!! Just slowly starting to catch up on blogs, and I am glad I stopped by!


My pleasure Chiocciola - you totally deserve it, my friend! Your blog is awesome :)

And welcome home, can't wait to read all about your trip. Loved the sampler photos you posted the other day!

Barb Cabot:

Anne, I've been away and just catching up now with my fave bloggers. I love your list of likes and the William Shatner nod gave me a smile. He's an icon and still going strong. He really cracks me up on Boston Legal. You are such a dream of a person. A wonderful soul. Your blog inspires and soothes my heart. Thank you for all that you do to enlighten and inspire us all.


Barb, I am honoured and deeply touched by your very kind words. Thank you so much! ♥

Sigh... it seems for weeks now I have been behind in catching up with everyone. Thanks for thinking of me :) You came up with a great list! I am going to miss seeing William Shatner weekly on TV now that his show is over. Hopefully he will do something else soon.


Thanks girasoli :) I know, I loved that show!! I'm pretty sure he's immortal lol, so imagine will see him in something else soon ;)

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