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The closest I will ever get to Bermuda...

...is vicariously through my friend's photos! It is highly unlikely I'll ever get there in person, unless somehow I too can go on business. I gather it's a very expensive destination...think I'll save my travel dollars for Italy! But it looks like a really cool place to visit...

The colours of the beaches are absolutely gorgeous!!


Someone looks like she's enjoying herself!

The volcanic rock looks like pumice to me. (Guess that explains why it is too porous to hold ground water, so all they have for fresh water is rain.)

Traditional gombey dancers:

St. Peter's Anglican church in St. George's...the oldest continuously used (Protestant?) church in the Western hemisphere.

The Unfinished Church, which was going to replace St. Peter's but was abandoned for various reasons before completion and is now part of the St. George's World Heritage Site. Lovely though the beaches are, this is what appeals to me. I love ruins and old churches!


St. George's Olde Towne Railway...guessing it's just a tourist thing:

Assume this is in St. George's since that's where she was staying:

One of the pretty pastel coloured houses (assume also in St. George's):

A really cool glass sculpture:

Of course if I ever do get to Bermuda, odds are I won't be hobnobbing with the bigwigs! (Apparently senior level clergy are considered visiting dignitaries in Bermuda, so a meeting with the Premier was in order.)

And that concludes today's virtual tour of Bermuda.

(All photos courtesy of Valerie...who doesn't actually know I'm posting them, but I'll remember to tell her sooner or later!)

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Gorgeous photos. I have never been there either. It looks like an interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing :)


girasoli, interesting and apparently very tiny - I think Valerie said 20 sq miles? So you'd never have to worry about getting lost!

Nice photos! I went there once year ago (and while I had a good time, once was enough). I thought it was outrageously expensive. But a beautiful place for sure.


Annie, from everyone I've talked to, it really does seem to be a "once is enough" kind of place. Although everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy that "once"! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, gorgeous photos. I've never been there myself by it looks really nice and your friend Valerie seems to be really enjoying herself. And how cool to have a meeting with the Premier. I like her photos of the unfinnished church and ruins too.

Thanks for posting Anne! Have a great day today!


Thanks Kathy, hope you have a wonderful day too! :)

I really love the ruins. Must ask my mom if she saw them when she was in Bermuda. She went years ago when I was little. I remember looking at the photos of her trip, and thinking how cool that my mom got to see palm trees!

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