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Three months' work down the drain!

The current top story on CBC Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia's minority Tory government falls

Nova Scotia's opposition MLAs voted down a finance bill Monday, prompting the fall of the minority Progressive Conservative government and setting the stage for an election...

You can read the details CBC or the Chronicle Herald, if interested. I'll just point out that this line in the CBC write up:

The budget dies with the fall of the government.

basically means the last three months of my life were all for naught, since that time was spent working on the budget for my department. Unless the Tory government is re-elected and sticks with the existing budget. That would, of course, be the easiest outcome for me professionally...although am personally hoping for a change in government. The timing is such that we'll most likely be knee deep in budget preparations again during June and July. However, my position is not normally involved in budgets, so I really don't know what I'll be doing. Last time I was supposed to return to my regular accounting duties, our Deputy Minister wanted me to stay on budgets (and I must say it is great for the ego to have your work appreciated at that level!) But who knows if that will be the case again.

All I can say with certainty is that I am not changing my July vacation plans as a result of all this! Come hell or high water, I am going to spend two wonderful weeks in Newfoundland with my best friend and our families. And that, says me, is that!

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How frustrating! Stand your ground and keep reminding work that you are busy in July!


thanks girasoli, I'm usually very flexible about rearranging my schedule if work gets busy, but will definitely be standing my ground on this one!


There is no way they can make you change your vacation is there? I hope not!

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