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Would you rather be...

...spending the week in Nova Scotia...

My backyard:

The weather forecast for the upcoming week:


...or spending the week in Bermuda:

Elbow beach (I think...photo "borrowed" from my friend Aaron's facebook album. He and his girlfriend-now wife moved to Bermuda two years ago):

The weather forecast for the upcoming week:

Yeah...it's kind of a no brainer, isn't it?! I mean, just look at those marvellous browns and greys and yellows in my backyard, and who doesn't love the rain? Poor Valerie is stuck in Bermuda all week, putting up with all that sunshine and turquoise water, while I relax in my house all damp and cold!! ;) Actually she's there for work so won't be out soaking up the sun the whole time, but hopefully will have some time between meetings and official functions to enjoy the island. Can't wait to hear about her trip though, all I know so far is that she's guest preaching in Hamilton on Sunday, and meeting the Prime Minister at some point. (I told her that I hope she will still deign to hang out with us lowlifes after hobnobbing with the upper crust of Bermuda society...lol)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I think your backyard looks beautiful, but I have to say too that the Bermuda sand and turquoise waters looks very inviting!

How lucky for Valerie to be there and meeting with the Prime Minister too.


Thanks Kathy, I really do live in a beautiful spot and love it here! But Valerie says it is hot and sunny in Bermuda, so at the moment, I'd rather be there with her than here in the chilly drizzle and fog. Honestly, I don't know why she didn't insist on bringing an entourage! :)

Anne, I can't believe it is still that cold in your part of the world!Sorry:(But I'll take the beach, anytime!

BTW, I nominated you for Kreativ blogger award, http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/candi/2009/05/kreative_blogger_award_1.html
You and your blog are very deserving of it.


Candi, alas it is indeed still quite chilly here. I totally wish I was in Bermuda sitting on a beach and soaking up the sun! I hope Valerie has lots of free time to enjoy the gorgeous weather and scenery.

Thank you SO much for the nomination, I'm tickled pink! :) And what great company I am in, too!


I'm with you, Anne! Ottawa has been getting a lot of rain, cool weather -- good for the flowers, but bad for my spirits.

Bermuda looks fab! I hope Valerie enjoys meeting the PM.


Sandra, flowers...or in my case, weeds (dandelions have popped up all over the place the last couple days!)

Bermuda sure does look gorgeous...I'm starting to feel in the minority - my mom's been there, Valerie's there now, my friend Andrea was there, my friend Aaron actually lives there...when will it be MY turn?! (Of course if I'm the one footing the travel bill, it'll be Italy all the way, so in reality, the odds of me getting to Bermuda are slim indeed!)

I have never been to Bermuda. It sure does look beautiful! One of the reasons I moved to Hawaii besides for the warmth was to leave the browns and greys of the winter and early springs. I wish I could send the sun your way.


girasoli, I wish you could too!! I am getting sick of the grey skies we've had for over a week - the sun's popped out here and there, but mostly overcast. A few hours of sustained sunshine would be delightful. At least my lawn is green after a week of rain!

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