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A bad hair day turned good...

I was having a bad hair day today. But was going to sing at a funeral this afternoon, so I pulled my hair back tight, stuck it all up in a hairclip and off I went. I arrived at the church, saw that Valerie had people in her office, so didn't think anything of it when she didn't say hello. Into the chapel I went, where we do our warming up and practicing. There was another woman already there, from one of the other churches in the area, Anglican, I think (the funeral choir is ecumenical). I introduced myself, saying that we've sung together in the past but I didn't think we'd ever actually met. She said her name, then said she didn't think she'd ever seen me before ("oh dear that probably sounds insulting" she added!) I just laughed and thought to myself wow, obviously she doesn't have a very good memory for faces. Because we've sung together at funeral services at least half a dozen times over the past year! More folks trickled in, and then we started practicing the hymns. At this point, Valerie came into the chapel, glanced around and then joined the singing. I thought it was a tad odd that she hadn't at least smiled at me in greeting by this point, but figured she just had a lot on her mind (like presiding over the impending funeral service!) A few seconds later, she sat down in the empty chair beside me, leaned over and whispered "I've never seen you with your hair up - I didn't recognize you" Too funny. I didn't think I looked so different that my own best friend wouldn't recognize me!! Mind you, she also commented a couple times how pretty I looked with my hair up, like a ballerina, so I forgive her...lol ;)

M, on the other hand, had a phenomenally good hair day. She asked me the other day if she could get her hair cut. Sure can, I replied, it's your hair. I made an appointment and took her to the salon this morning. While there, she got talking to the stylist that she'd really like to have her hair dyed black and blue...the stylist said nah, the blue would only last a few days, a red would be better. Eventually the stylist said to me that if it was ok with me, she would colour M's hair - she thought it would look so cool that she was willing to get behind in her schedule to fit it in. Ohhhhhhhh...alright, I agreed. I couldn't see what was going on with the cut or the colouring. There was a rack of hair care products in the way, and besides I was reading my book. So when M was finished and came around the corner...WHOA baby, I barely recognized her!! She went from medium length blonde, to short purple with pink highlights. It's longer in the front, shorter and layered closer to the head in the back. It looks quite stunning on her, I have to say. She was going to a party this evening, a surprise going away party for the Korean exchange student who attended her school this year. I pulled in the driveway to drop her off, and barely stopped the car before she jumped out, and a gaggle of teenaged girls swarmed out of the house to greet her, exclaiming "ooo, I LOVE your hair!!"

M's old hair:


M's new hair:






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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, M's new haircut is very cute and nice styling color too. Goes really well with her earrings. Have a great Sunday evening!


Thanks Kath, you too! I am still doing a double take each time I set eyes on her!

I love M's new look! She looks gorgeous! Makes me wish I was young again and do a dramatic change to my hair color and style.

I just noticed your new profile photo. Beautiful, just like the daughters.


Wouldn't that be fun, Maria! I just wish I had the hair to do something funky with! Mine has no body at all. Think I'll get some highlights for summer though.

She looks like a completely different person! Love the cut AND the color.


Annie, I agree! I love her new look (even if she does look disconcertingly sophisticated to my motherly eyes! lol)

Barb Cabot:

You know what is funny is that when I first glanced at your post and the photo of your daughter with the blond hair I thought that was the "new" look and I said to myself, "So cute!" Then I read the post and said What? that's not the make-over? then...I saw the "new" look...WOW! that's really amazing and fun! It's completely a different look. She's adorable both ways but what a dramatic change. Love the new color.Good for both of you to take a leap.


LOL Barb :) I love that she had the confidence to go for such a radical new look, and am thrilled that it turned out so great!

Very cool, she looks awesome! Like you said, good for her for having the confidence to do something like that.

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