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More images of IAC...

Maritime Conference now has some photos posted on their website that were taken during the Annual Meeting weekend (IAC was part of that weekend). The website says "feel free to use them for reminiscing", so I'll borrow a few that I like. Maybe this post will inspire me to get my act together and write an entry about my IAC weekend!

Intermediates and Youth joined the main conference on Saturday evening. Some of the intermediates sang onstage during that service. M is third from the left (the gorgeous blonde!)


The Intermediates doing a conga-line around the room, great fun!

Mrs. President :)

...looking slightly less presidential in headgear!
(She said the lights onstage were blinding, until she spotted a friend arriving in his Tilley hat and was saved. Later she was given a hat by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank speaker.)

An absolutely gorgeous quilt. The colours are those of the United Church's Mission & Service Fund, with the M & S logo in the middle.

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Beautiful quilt!! Valerie sort of looks like an army general in the first hat, don't you think? :)


Not really, no...I think she just looks like she's still in Bermuda

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, great photos! Really looks like everyone was enjoying themselves a lot. The quilt is very beautiful. Love the colors and pattern.

Thanks so much for sharing more of your photos Anne. It would be great to hear more about your IAC experience. Have a great weekend.


Thanks Kathy, glad you enjoyed the pics. It was an awesome weekend for sure! And I really do intend to write an entry about it one of these days :)

Hope you are having a great weekend too!

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