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Another quiz...or 4 :)

"What is God Calling You to Be?"
Hey, I'm a Prophet, how cool is that?? Guess y'all better listen to my words of wisdom now or else... :)


What Colour is Your Aura?
Part of this fits me, part is way off (I am so not a planner!), but I love the colour...


IQ Test
Well duh...I'm brilliant, obviously ;)


Which Novelist are You?
Awesome, I'd be thrilled if I could write with Austin's insight and humour!


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Wow! Love your results. The two last ones seem particularly apt to me. I agree with them both unreservedly. And you don't need to write with Jane Austin's insight and humour (great though it is) because you write with your own insight and humour!


Thanks Lynn :) Except now I apparently I have to write insightful, humourous AND prophetic words! But since I am so brilliant and all, that shouldn't be a problem! lol

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