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Images of IAC

I really will share some stories about conference very soon, I promise! :) In the meantime...here are some images. (I have more photos, but am not posting the ones in which other youth or facilitators could be identified, for privacy reasons.)

The annual meeting itself took place at the Tantramar Civic Centre in Sackville, NB. Intermediates at Conference gathered at nearby Mount Allison University, joining the larger group only to make a brief presentation on Saturday evening and then for closing worship Sunday.

As a facilitator, I had to be there on Wednesday noon, Valerie and the girls didn't need to be there until Thursday but we decided to drive up together, because that was more fun than driving up separately! I drove from my house to Sackville, then turned the car over to Valerie since she needed wheels more than I did...also she knew where I needed to be and I didn't!





Goofing around at the motel where Valerie and the girls stayed Wed night (they stayed in residence the other nights):



The United Church in Sackville, NB (although we didn't actually go inside the whole weekend, our activities took place elsewhere...this is just to show rush hour in downtown Sackville!)

Mount Allison University Chapel, which is gorgeous inside:

Bigelow House, the residence building where I stayed from Wed to Sun:

My teeny, tiny room in Bigelow House:

Scripture graffiti on the shelf above my bed (if can't make it out, it is John 3:16):

The small quad where our outdoor games took place, also the view from my window:

The lower part of the Cafe, where most of our indoor activities took place:

The girls arrive! Valerie dropped them off and carried on to do her President stuff (chairing the weekend long annual meeting, preaching at closing worship on Sunday, etc.) Neither of the girls was in my home group, but we stayed in the same residence house:



I absolutely love this photo ♥ :

Group juggling while waiting for the rest of the kids to show up (there were 90 in total, 60 girls, 30 boys):

Kite flying...sort of:

The name game, filling time while waiting for more youth to arrive:

Methinks they're plotting something:

One of the activities was drawing an outline of one of the youth on a big sheet of paper, and then coming up with ideas on how various body parts can be used to help the community (e.g. hands for planting, arms for hugging, mouth to spread the word, ears for listening, legs for riding bikes to save on gas...they were very creative!):

Filling the hall with bodies...not quite sure what the point of this was, just a time filler, I guess:

This made it all worthwhile (these are comments "my" six girls wrote about me during an activity called warm fuzzies):

Homeward bound...with pit stop at Dairy Queen for a quick bite (and blizzards for the girls):


Comments (12)

Great photos and looks like a lot of fun. Aren't you glad you did this?


Yes I really am, Candi :) It was a wonderful experience, and I was so impressed with the youth!

Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I enjoyed looking at all of your photos and I liked the photo of the thank you card the girls in your group wrote to you. How wonderful that must feel to know that they had a very positive experience and enjoyed your leadership.

It looks like you all had a great time and experience at the conference. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories.

Have a great day today!


Thanks Kathy. It's difficult to even express how touched I was by the girls' words...I definitely blinked back a tear or two while reading them the first time! I am ever so humbled by their warmth and affection ♥ And, of course, it is great to know for sure that I didn't suck as a leader ;)

I hope that you got to bring that "warm fuzzy" comment board home so you can frame it and look at it when you get down. What wonderful feedback from those kids! Looks like a really fun experience. I can't believe how much Miss Ninja has grown since your Italy trip - she is such a beautiful young girl (and how great that she wants to be a vet!).


Annie, I sure did bring it home! And my gratitude beads too.

Funny, I realized that, in the photo of the girls lying on the floor, M is the one in the bottom right with the brown sweater on! Duh. She is way too good looking for her mother's comfort! ;) She will make an awesome vet, I must show her your cat sanctuary entries, she will LOVE them!

Annie, I knew you were going to have a great time and you did! The notes from your group are so sweet but I am not surprised - I am sure you were a great leader, caring and giving and at the same time able to relate to them.

The bottom picture for some reason cracks me up: It's like you're striking up a glamorous pose next to the minister! (I like the innovative summer priestly garments, btw, Valerie!)


Chiocciola, you crack ME up. (Shhh, don't tell Valerie that I only hang out with her for the glamourous photo ops!)

I must admit though, it was kind of cool sitting with 1000+ people listening to her preach at the closing worship on Sunday and knowing that's MY best friend up there! :) It really doesn't take much to amuse my inner child...


Love this "photo journal" of what looks like a great event! Thank you for sharing.


My pleasure Eden, it was an awesome gathering, full of joy and Spirit! :)

Great photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the photo - filling the hall with bodies. Interesting activity :) I haven't had a blizzard in years!


thanks girasoli :) There are some really strange blizzard flavours these days! I have never actually had one myself (not a whole one, I've had tastes of the girls though.) I'm more of a Peanut Buster parfait kind of gal!

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