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My inner child strikes again! :)

Who wants to work in a blah office? Not me!! During our weekend at IAC, we went to the Dollar Store a couple times. It was only a short walk from campus, and gave us something to do during the excessive amount of free time we had to fill. Well, be still my heart...what did I spy, but the most wonderful and colourful window stickies...so of course I had to buy them. (Hey, it was the Dollar Store, so wasn't much of a splurge!)

They really brighten up my window...and bring a smile to many of my coworkers. People have done a double take on walking past my door and backed up for a second look. One woman said "you really are the biggest kid around here!" Yup...that's me!






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Isn't it nice how the simplest things can do so much to brighten your day?

Those are really cool! What a fun way to cheer up your work space. Nice views!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, snails flying along side happy smiling butterflies...very cool!

Don't ever change Anne! :)

They look great! You do have a great view from you window (and it looks like you're up high).


girasoli & Annie, I do have a fabulous view - Halifax is quite a lovely city from on high! I'm up on the 10th floor, and overlook the old Burying Grounds (the treed area) and part of Dalhousie campus (the buildings just adjoining the burial grounds). Also overlook two beautiful churches, St Matthew's United and St. Mary's Catholic. Somedays it's hard to keep myself facing my desk instead of gazing out the window!

Kathy, ok I promise I'll stay childish forever :) (Right down to my pretty purple lunchbag!)

What Kathy said! Non cambi mai!

I bet you smile each time you look out your window.


Gracias Maria :) I love my big butterflies!

Adorable!! They are so cute, I'd love some for my bathroom - and for my office window if I ever get one! :)

(Grumpy because I have to move out of my tiny, windowless office to another tiny windowless office, except that one is shared and has noisy vents...)


I love all of your colorful stickers!

I hope you always remain a child at heart - I intend to!


Ah Chiocciola, I feel for you, my friend! Tiny offices are bad enough, but windowless AND shared AND with noisy vents?! How dreadful, I'd be grumpy too! At least you can virtual visit my view anytime you want. :)

Right on Nancy, maybe we should form a secret club for our inner children, no adults allowed! lol

Thanks for letting me vent! Maybe I should print your photos and put them on my wall! To me it is the vents that is the most annoying; plus I hate being cold so I like not having any AC vents in my office. Grrrr...


Ok, that would make me laugh - if you had photos of windows posted on your windowless walls. Excellent idea! :)

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