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Happy Birthday to Dave!!

We spent last Saturday at Dave's parents and had birthday cake (he even blew out all the candles, although there weren't anywhere near 47 of them on the cake so he got off easy!) My in-laws live on the Northumberland Strait (the body of water between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island...they live on the NS side.) Both of his sisters were there, and their boyfriends (menfriends?), and his two nephews, so it was a wonderful family gathering.

In the afternoon, we went for a lovely walk on the beach. It was overcast, but what else is new...this system moved in June and has been stalled over us for weeks, we were starving for the sunshine!! Part of the time, I wandered around with the girls...at one point, kicking up some spray at them and then they ganged up on me and we all got soaked from splashing in the waves! And then Dave meandered down to join us, and the girls went off on their own looking for beach glass, while he and I just strolled along (while he laughed at me for doing my typical little kid things like holding hands, but walking backward because our footprints just looked cool that way...or marvelling at how the water presses out of the sand when you step down, which I've noticed before but it always strikes my fancy.)

My present to the photo-hating Dave will be to not post any photos of him on his birthday! :) But here are a few photos we took at the beach with his Blackberry, because I forgot my camera.





This next one is quite interesting, I think. The sandbar went out to a point, with channels of water on the other side. The waves were coming in from both channels of water and making a neat pattern:


These are kayaks belonging to Dave's mom and sister. His parent's house is up over the ridge, across the field, and up a driveway. I forget how many steps there are to get back up the hill, I know sometimes I am puffing by the time I reach the top!

I love that my darling girls get along so well...they walked up and down the beach, holding hands, collecting beach glass, splashing and laughing...



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, Great photos! That really was a unique looking water pattern in that photo. I almost didn't know that was the ocean.

Sounds like a wonderful family get together for your husband's birthday celebration. I'm pretty sure the best present for your husband has been having all of you in his life!

Thanks for sharing and have a great day today. Aren't you leaving soon for your trip! How exciting! Safe travels to you and your family and have a lot of fun.

I love that cool pattern too! Happy birthday to Dave and love seeing the photos. I collect beach glass too - it's getting harder to find but I still find a piece now and then. I love it!


Thanks Kathy, Dave's not one for having a fuss made over him, so I'm sure you're right about us being his best present!

And yes we leave very soon...tomorrow in fact!! Guess I better pack tonight, huh?! ;)

Have a great weekend Kathy!


Annie, beach glass is getting hard to find up here too, but the girls even found blue and pink pieces this time, as well as the more common brown and green. Apparently their young eyes are sharper than ours! I suppose it's a good sign that glass is getting hard to find, must mean there is less littering going on, but still...it is so pretty after it's been rubbed smooth by the sand and sea!


Nice photos! I also like that wave pattern, it looks really cool.

Happy birthday to your husband! Mine is tomorrow:)


Candi, Happy (early) Birthday to you!! Hope you do something fun to celebrate! :)

Very cool pattern, like square waves!

Barb Cabot:

Anne, I love the photos and a belated happy birthday wish to your hubby. The girls are so cute. I see your daughters have kept up with their very cute haircuts. The scenes at the beach were so stirring and intense with feeling. I bet it's wonderful to visit there.


Barb, it's really lovely along that shore. And I love catching the girls in these close sister moments!! :)

Dear Anne, I've missed so many entries due to being away with family and then camping that I'm very slowly catching up. It's a bit late but it's still July, so Happy Birthday Month to Dave!

Your photos are great and I love the photos of your two lovely daughters. They look very stylish and gorgeous with their short haircut.

I smiled when I read about the “typical little kid things” you do at the beach. I think the beach is the perfect place to let you inner child run wild.

Hugs, Maria


Hey Maria - welcome back, my friend! I noticed that tumbleweed was blowing quite a while on your own blog :)

The girls look amazing, don't they? Oh to be young and able to carry off extreme hairstyles!

Happy belated birthday! Cool idea for a present ;)


thanks girasoli, he appreciated it!

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