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And we're off...Newfoundland, here we come!

The bags are packed, the car's gassed up, our tummies are full...we'll be hittin' the road in an hour or two. I am psyched for this trip!!!! I can't wait to see Newfoundland for myself. And I can't wait to see Valerie again. It's been very strange not having any contact at all for the past two weeks, other than a short phone conversation on Canada Day...I really miss her! I felt like she was with me in spirit on Tuesday though, when I went to the breast surgeon (for a routine follow up to my biopsy, nothing new, was just to review the negative results and book a 6 month mammogram in case the biopsy changed the surrounding tissue, etc.)

As far as I know, I won't be online again until we get back, so...I'll talk to y'all again at the end of the month! Hope you have a wonderful couple weeks (I know I will!!) I was checking the weather forecast, and it looks half decent. Scattered showers I'm fine with, hopefully those won't turn into major rainstorms! The 14 day trend is likely a joke, but I'm posting it so that I can check afterwards and see if it was even remotely accurate. The temperatures are low, but again, doesn't look like any significant precipitation is expected over the next couple weeks - yay!



Here are some photos of the Exploits River (not mine, I just found them online, but forgot to make a note of the site, so cannot give whoever took them a photo credit - sorry!) Valerie's house is on the banks of the Exploits River, so until I get back and fill you in on my adventures, you can imagine me gazing out across this lovely scene, glass of wine in hand, deep in conversation with my best friend...



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Have a geat time. :)

Have a great vacation!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, first I'm very glad to hear that you had a good check up!

And Yay you're off to New Foundland. And from those stunning photos, lucky you!

Safe travels and have fun!

Have a great time - it looks like the weather will cooperate with YOUR trip (notice the emphasis LOL).

Have a wonderful trip. Here's hoping the weather cooperates also.

Hope you have (or had) a great time!


Have a wonderful time - I know you have been looking forward to this trip for a long time!

Barb Cabot:

I hope you're having a blast.


Thanks for all the warm wishes everyone, I had a fantastic time!

We just got back this morning, and I am literally spaced out feeling from lack of sleep (have been awake since 5am Sat and it's now after 2pm Sunday.) So will post some stories and photos in a little while after I have a nap! :)

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