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Frost warning??

Ok, I'm as flexible about the weather as the next person, and I truly don't need blue skies and hot sunshine to enjoy myself, but...a frost warning in July? Seriously?? Perhaps I better pack our parkas! I'm hoping this is an extremely rare anomaly and things will be much warmer during our two week visit. And in fact, the lows after tomorrow are certainly looking much more seasonable...phew!!!


Oh well, whatever the weather turns out to be, we'll have the warmth of friendship to make our visit wonderful and memorable! ♥

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Will you be blogging during your trip?

Frost in July? I wish I could blow some of this super hot weather up your way (and you could send some of the cooler stuff down).

You'll have a blast no matter what!


Kim, no I don't think so. (Valerie doesn't have internet access at her place in Newfoundland, because it's kind of her retreat from the world.)

Annie - yes, if only our weather systems would join together and give us both warm temperatures instead of hot and cold! I'll just pretend the ocean feels warmer when the air is cool...

Very true - the ocean will feel nice and warm! I am used to bad summers in Norway, but at least down south we usually would never have frost in July! Glad to see that it looks warmer further ahead. And I know you will have an awesome trip no matter what!

Hmm, I am glad there are some people who are flexible about the weather, I am sure not one of them, I am miserable in cold, winter weather. Frost in July? I Hope you don't see that on your vacation:)


You're right, Chiocciola, we certainly will enjoy ourselves no matter what. But still hoping for some warm sunny days...not quite as much fun walking on the beach in the rain!

Candi, our summers are pretty unpredictable, we always have some stretches of good weather, we just never know when. Having said that...the frost is most unusual so I hope it warms up and soon!!!

Brrrrr!!! Much too cold for me! I hope it warmed up for you.


girasoli, thankfully it did warm up! We had wonderful weather, for the most part.

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