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Quiz: What does the week you were born say about you?


Well what do you know, I was born in the Week of the Child...why am I not surprised?!? :) It's not for nothing that Dave calls me a big five year old (and he now has M saying that too!)

For a generic result though, this is kind of freakishly close to the mark. I can be ridiculously naive. A friend could tell me any manner of tall tale and I'd buy right into it, no matter how outlandish (and then of course I feel like an idiot for not cluing in!) I simply don't "get" that kind of humour, I'm afraid. I do need solitude to recharge, although rarely get any time alone. The only part of this result that is not at all like me is the bit about having spells of depression - I've had times of feeling melancholic or sad, but have never experienced anything I'd call depression. Spells of pouting is more like it for me! And I am definitely drawn to people with a good sense of humour (and who have a strong connection with their own inner child), and a life of their own. As for being lively and dynamic...heck, I'll go along with that ('cause it's my blog and who's going to argue with me?!)

On an unrelated note...we leave for Nfld in just three days, can't wait to be there and see that beautiful province!! And can't wait to see Valerie again...I miss my dear friend. M is equally excited to see K again. They had a good chat on the phone the other night though. Is it Friday yet?????????? :)

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wishing u a great time in nfld

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, the week of the child for the inner child. It does seem appropriate... :)

And how very exciting that you only have three more days before the start of your trip. Yay!


Thanks so much, Bengbeng!! :)

Kathy, my inner child is definitely in high gear this week - am bouncing off the walls with excitement and impatience waiting for Friday to get here!!!

Have a great day!

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