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Random images

Just some random photos I happened to have gathered on my computer and feel like sharing right now...

Wild strawberries...picked from my front yard (before Dave mowed them off!)

Butterfly cloud...I posted this photo the other day, but then found the most marvellous poem to match it.

This exhilarating poem makes my heart sing and my soul soar...here's the text in case it's hard to make out in the photo:


Light, my light, the world-filling light,
the eye-kissing light,
heart-sweetening light!

Ah, the light dances, my darling, at the center of my life;
the light strikes, my darling, the chords of my love;
the sky opens, the wind runs wild, laughter passes over the earth.

The butterflies spread their sails on the sea of light.
Lilies and jasmines surge up on the crest of the waves of light.

The light is shattered into gold on every cloud, my darling,
and it scatters gems in profusion.

Mirth spreads from leaf to leaf, my darling,
and gladness without measure.
The heaven's river has drowned its banks
and the flood of joy is abroad.

Awesome image and message...I saw this as someone's avatar on the United Church's WonderCafe forum and love it!

Butterfly wall sconce...Iris at work bought one from Avon and I liked it so much, I ordered one too. Am giving it to Valerie for her house in Newfoundland, because she loves butterflies and candles. Not that I have to bring her anything when we go to stay with her, but I can't resist when a gift just feels right. Plus I want her to have something in that place that reminds her of her best friend (because it's all about me! lol)

European Food Shop...Jane and I had a shishtawook pita here last week, and I took a photo of the menu, otherwise I'd never remember the name. Shishtawook is spiced cubes of chicken cooked as a kabob, but we opted for the pita instead of just the kabob (I had pickled turnip, lemon spiced onions, green peppers and tzatziki sauce on mine...so, so tasty!)

Sara...my dearheart is happy with her fun new summer hair! (In case I didn't mention it before, she actually had about a foot and a half of hair chopped off...)

A really cool looking church in Ottawa...my friend Jane took this when she was up recently on a house hunting expedition (she is moving there in August :( but will be gone only two years and then back to NS). Anyway, I saw this on her facebook page and now she and I plan to check it out when I go up and visit her.

[Edited to add: something just tweaked that I've seen that building before, so checked Jerry's blog...sure enough, there it is! And it's actually not a church, it's the Library of Parliament. Hey, maybe I'll get to meet Jerry and Sandra whenever I make it up to Ottawa, that would be cool!!]

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the last building..it is out of this world, they obviously spent extra jus for the look good factor...


Bengbeng, isn't it incredible? I can't wait to see it in person someday!

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