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This is what we do around here...

July 13

Today was a bit of a lazy day of nothingness. I woke up around 6:30 again, but didn't get up for another half hour or so. Valerie was already up, but still in jammies, sitting in the living room doing stuff on her computer. I sat down on the couch in a vegetative state, content to just be here. She asked if I was bored...I said no, why? She was just hoping I don't find it very boring during my vacation, "because this is pretty much what we do around here...relax and do little projects." Sounds like a mighty fine vacation to me! I told her that I was here to spend time with her, what we do with that time is secondary. But, although I wasn't before, now I am restless...I pace around a bit, wondering what to do. Eventually we went for a walk down the road, down to a little brook, in the opposite direction from where I'd walked yesterday morning by myself. It is really lovely walking along here...

This is a section of the old Trans Canada Highway. (When Valerie gave me directions to her place, she said: You'll come to a road that looks abandoned. She was right, it does kind of look abandoned in places.) This photo is actually a decent stretch of pavement compared to the bit in front of her driveway, which is a patchwork quilt of patches, cracks and bumps!




This next photo is where an old Girl Guide camp used to be...actually Valerie's dad originally owned the land, and sold it to the Girl Guides for a camp, and then it was eventually sold to someone else. Everyone seems to have one of these boxcars (including Val and J) as they were sold off cheap when the railway service was dismantled and the tracks dug up. They make most excellent storage sheds, I wish I had one myself!

Lamp posts in the middle of all this nature?? So incongruous. (The folks had a beautiful property, but so strange to come across such a display on this road!)

Ooo, a bunny rabbit! :)



When we got back from our walk, Valerie went off to the hardware store to get more wood for the gazebo that the boys were building - more about that tomorrow - and then went next door to J's for dinner. She said it was Sunday supper on Monday at dinnertime! I really like J, she and her husband Cal are fantastic people, so warm and friendly and welcoming. She made a delicious meal of moose (yum), salt riblets, bread pudding, peas pudding, boiled potatoes and carrots, cooked greens, pickles (I especially loved the rhubarb relish - rats, forgot to get the recipe!!) Val and I did the dishes, sat around J's house chatting for a while, then back to Val's house. The girls wanted us to take them into Grand Falls to the mall. "The mall" being a relative term...very small! They got new matching dresses (which Valerie and I consider long tops and insist they must wear leggings underneath.)


I got myself a new 3-in-1 jacket for $20. Can be a zip up fleece, or a windbreaker, or zip the fleece inside the shell and it's a very warm jacket. Apparently Val had bought herself one before we arrived, except mine is white with blue trim and hers is blue with white trim. And got a great white hoodie sweatshirt for $7, plus a white sweatshirt for Dave for $2 (who could resist?) And yes, Valerie had already bought the same items the other day...oh well, fun being twins! She picked up one of the $2 sweatshirts for Kees though, so the boys could all match as well. We also got ourselves new cameras...matching, of course, that DID seem to be the theme of this particular shopping trip! 10 mp Fuji cameras with carrying cases that clip onto waistband or belt. When we got home and gave the sweatshirts to Dave and Kees, and showed our own booty, Mark asked where was his present??? I said that he already got his sweatshirt a couple days ago. He then fake pouted oh sure, you get yourselves matching new cameras and coats and all I get is a $2 sweatshirt!

To end off the evening, we went out and sat in the cabin for a while, had a few drinks, and then off to bed. The cabin used to be Valerie's father's woodshed, but she has remodeled it into a cabin, where she and Mark sleep instead of in the main house. Works for me - I can lay claim to the master bedroom in the house now and forever! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

Here is the cabin (with all the gazebo building debris strewn in front):

Here is MY room:

Matching photos with matching cameras:

And some photos of everyone hanging out in the cabin...





Comments (6)

Looks like a great vacation to me.What deals you got on your mall trip!


I sure did Candi, almost wish I'd picked up another jacket or two for my mom and sister! And the sweatshirts got used a LOT on our vacation. M tried to take mine over, but I wrangled it back. Who can figure teenage girls out...half their clothes are too skimpy and the other half oversized! I would have gotten her one of her own had I known she'd like one that she could swim in!


Beautiful scenery - great company - what more could you ask?


What more indeed? Paradise for sure! ♥

Sounds like you did a great job shopping! Glad you were able to get new cameras. Interesting storage boxcars.


Aren't the boxcars neat, girasoli? I really wish I had one. Mark and Val even have a woodstove in theirs. What a great retreat that would be in the winter - escape away to the boxcar and sit in front of a fire!

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