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A glimpse of Polly and Winston

After reading Annie's recent post on LuLu and Maria, I realized that I haven't posted photos of Winston and Polly for quite some time. They've been fairly quiet and well behaved lately...until Monday night when I found 7 catnip mice under the sofa in the living room! That is the black hole for catnip mice apparently...I'd moved it into the middle of the room when exorcising the cherubs, and voila! There they all were. I tossed them into the foyer and we'll see how long it takes for them to vanish again under the sofa! Polly especially has been scattering all around the house, either carrying a mouse in her mouth, or batting it ahead of her as she goes. Alas, I have no photos of her at play. But here are a couple I've taken recently...

Polly and Winston on the deck, just to give you an idea of their size difference. Polly remains a very small girl, whereas Winston, as always, is a big fluffy bruiser!

Winston in one of his favourite spots, right in front of the back door, looking out over the deck and the back yard.

A couple shots of Polly, obligingly holding for a couple seconds still while skittering around the deck railings.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wonderful photos of your Winston and Polly. They are both so cute. Winston looks so refined and handsome and little Polly looks so playful and cute. I just love their cool poses.

btw, are the 7 catnip mice still in your foyer? :)

Thank you so much for sharing your recent photos of Winston and Polly Anne. Have a great evening.


Kathy, I almost stepped on one of the mice coming down the stairs this morning! And I see one more in the kitchen. Not sure if the rest of them have gone back to the black hole already, or if the cats just have hidden them elsewhere!

I have all the mice in a pie dish for Pyewacket.

I found some pics for you and put them on my blog.


Cool, I shall head right over and check them out!

After I got your comment on my cat post, I was going to ask you to give an update on yours and am so glad you did!

Polly is one of the most striking kitties. Such unusual markings and gorgeous eyes. Winston is a big fluffy love bug; I just want to pick him up!

I know all about those little mice and the black holes. I once accidentally vacuumed one of them up from under the couch, and it got stuck in the vacuum hose, argh!


Annie, that's so funny that your couch is also a mouse hole! I find the markings on Polly's side so interesting, they almost look painted on.

Sometimes Winston sits and stares at me, loudly demanding to be picked up (apparently it's beneath his dignity to jump up on my lap), and then he wears this nonchalant face as if to say "oh alright, if you must cuddle me, I'll endure it for your sake" It's very amusing.

On the other hand, when Polly is in a lovey-dovey mood, she closes her eyes and *smiles*, looking the perfect picture of feline contentment!


Aren't they beautiful! I love Polly's "poses" facing the camera and in profile (so you can be sure to get a good shot!)


Oh Sandra, you're right - Polly does look like she posing. How funny!

Gorgeous kittens! Polly reminds me of Pokey's cat, or cats (I think she was about to adopt one soon). I think she calls them moo kittens, because of their beautiful black markings over white fur. She's a cutie.

Winston is so handsome and I love how he has that dreamy eye look.


Thanks Maria :) Moo kittens, that's adorable and very fitting for Polly too!

Yes, Winston is my big handsome boy...he has stolen my heart, that one! When he leans in for a snuggle, purrs and kneads his toes in the air, and rubs his face against mine...my heart swells to bursting ♥

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