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Another day of doing "what we do around here"...

...which is to say, nothing of any great importance, just puttering around. The chronicles of Newfoundland continue...

July 16

I slept in until 7:30 this morning - woohoo, I think that's the latest I've slept in since we arrived in Newfoundland! I got up, did a load of laundry, had some toast, yoghurt, coffee...you know, the things I would be doing at home. Except that I'm not home, I'm at Valerie's home in Newfoundland, but the really cool thing is that I feel at home here. The other cool thing is that, unlike at my own home, I can walk out the door, cross the yard, slip down over the bank and sit on the beach with my coffee! Nothing like the peaceful sounds of water, wind and birdsong to make a morning special.

Val and Mark returned around 9, with daughter Sara and her boyfriend, David, in tow. The ferry from Labrador had arrived earlier than scheduled (which J said happened a lot), so they picked up the kids and were home before they anticipated. And just a shade cranky from a couple unexpected events. The first being that Val had borrowed K's phone to use as an alarm clock. It went off ok, she got up, dressed and started packing up the car with Kees' stuff before realizing that it was nowhere near time to rise...one of K's friends had texted her at 12:40 and that was what first woke Valerie up. She was not impressed! And hardly got back to sleep before 3:30, when it really was time to get up and take Kees to the airport. Only to find that they really hadn't had to leave so early because Kees flight got rescheduled to 9:10am instead of 6:30! (Oh didn't you get the message? the airport staff asked...) She's very tired today...poor dear.

Shortly after they got back, she said "let's put up the rest of the screening on the gazebo". I replied petulantly, "oh so my help is acceptable this morning when there's nobody better around?", still stinging from the night before. She replied (in a particular tone of voice she always uses when clearing up misunderstandings) that she hadn't wanted anyone's help, but that some people just barge in anyway. Alright...my inner child decided I could live with that explanation so out we went and together put up the rest of the screening.

Funny that having a minor hand in the building of the gazebo could make me feel like I too am part of this place, but it does...we even all signed our names somewhere inside.

Then we took a run into Grand Falls. Sarah and David wanted to go to the mall (such as it was), plus we need to pick up some groceries for our upcoming camping trip to Gros Morne. We had decided to head over to Gros Morne on Friday morning, spend a couple nights, and come home Sunday. (Ok, actually it was more a case of Valerie decided that's what we'd do and we all said sure, that works for us!) While at the mall, I snagged a great new folding camping chair, its shape reminds me of a papasan chair. It was on sale, plus I got an extra couple bucks off because it was the last one...boohoo for Val 'cause I saw it first! ;)

Dave and Mark put the door on the gazebo, plus Mark painted a sign for over the door - Gizzeboo II (as I mentioned before, Val's dad called the old one the "gizzeboo", so of course this one was christened the gizzeboo two.) It still needs a few finishing touches, plus to be painted, but - yay! - now we can sit outside safe from the ravenous swarms of mosquitos and black flies and "stouts" (aka deer flies).

As the sun set on another wonderful day in paradise...

...we gathered in the gizzeboo and raised our beer in honour of Kees, the gazebo's master-planner who left just this morning, ironically just before the gazebo reached the point of pest-free comfort! (Kees, like me, is a mosquito magnet.)

We soon discovered that the screens really did work wonders! Not sure if you can tell from this photo, but the dots all over the screen are mosquitos...ominously hanging there, smelling blood! Another amazing discovery was that this created an all you can eat buffet for the dragonflies - it was captivating to watch the dragonflies swoop in and snatching up mosquitos in mid air, or picking them off the screen!

Each time someone had to go in or out of the gazebo for any reason, there'd be a chorus of "close the door, close the door!!!" so the bugs didn't get inside!



We hung out for a while, watching the dragonfly show. At 9:45 we watched the space station speed across the sky (Cal has been watching it every night for over a year, and checks the schedule each evening). It was cool to see, but...on the other hand, it was just a big bright light moving quickly overhead, so seeing it a couple evenings in a row was enough for me. Valerie headed off to bed first...the rest of us stayed for a while longer, roaring with laughter over this, that and the other thing (mostly at some story Cal and Mark told as a tagteam, which in itself was amusing!) Soon a voice called from the cabin door that it was near eleven o'clock and we had to get up to go to Gros Morne in the morning. Oops, guess we've been *told*! ;) We trickled away to bed, knowing there'd be more time tomorrow.

"For a day of not doing much, it felt full. Full of friends & family, love & fun & laughter, the beauty of nature, good food, good times. :) These are the days upon which lasting friendships are built." That's what I wrote in my journal at bedtime...'cause I'm just sappy like that sometimes!

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A perfect summer day . . . and night . . .lucky you! I can tell that there will be plenty of happy times in that gazebo!

I have just finished all your entries from Newfoundland - sounds like a great time!! The photos are all so gorgeous; looks like you had good weather too. A lot of them remind me about Norway actually.


Jerry, it is definitely is a perfect place in which to spend an evening with friends!

Chiocciola, we had fantastic weather in Nfld, although every time we called home, it seemed to be raining in Nova Scotia! I imagine Gros Morne will REALLY remind you of Norway (from what I've heard anyway)...I'll be posting about that part of our trip next. (It was the only time we had any amount of rain during our vacation, but we had a blast anyway!)


I'm glad you got to enjoy the gazebo while you were there. Sounds like a really fun time.

I'm a mosquito magnet too and would love to have one of these in my back yard!


Thanks Nancy, it really was a fun time. I'm already hoping to go back next year!

Annie, I definitely want one too! Our back yard borders on a marsh, so the mosquitos can be pretty bad. They don't bother Dave much, lucky him!

Love your photos, and looks like a great time everyone had.


Thanks Candi, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I love being able to relive such times through photographs :)

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