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Daytrip to Twillingate - 1st stop: Pike's Arm

July 15

I have so many photos of this wonderful day that I'm breaking into multiple posts. We went on a daytrip to Twillingate this day. Left the house around 9am, after a bite to eat. Valerie, J, Kees and I went in Val's car, and Dave, Mark and the two girls went in our car. At least we started out that way, after our first stop, the girls clamoured to change cars to escape "the daddies", so they switched with J and Kees...who didn't mind at all since our car has air conditioning and it was an unexpectedly hot day! As I recall, the weather forecast was for clouds and possible showers, but it turned out to be gorgeously sunny and hot - bonus!

Up through Lewisporte we went. Lewisporte is a small town near the mouth of the Exploits River, the port for one of the ferries between Newfoundland and Labrador. This ferry goes to Goose Bay, with a stop in Cartwright where one of Valerie's sisters and her family live during the summer, running an tour business.

According to Wikipedia: "After the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, Lewisporte hosted several hundred air passengers whose planes were forced to land at Gander. In subsequent press reports, the passengers praised the citizens of Lewisporte for their concern and hospitality." Anyway, that's just to give a sense of the area...we didn't actually stop in Lewisporte!

We continued along through communities such as Virgin Arm and Dildo Run - no, I'm not making that name up! J told us a funny story about a package that was sent to a little business called Virgin Arm Crafts (or something like that) in Dildo Run and the post office returned to sender, thinking the address was a joke! :)

But our first destination was Pike's Arm, which J had to direct us to as she was the only one who knew how to get there. Wow, what a beautiful spot!!! A picture postcard for Newfoundland tourism. A tiny village on New World Island, with houses scattered over rocks that stretch out into the ocean like an arm (hence the name!) Icebergs just off the coast, amazing views, only a couple other tourists. Absolutely stunning. There is even a lookoff platform on one of the hills, with steps leading up to the top, and even an outhouse (which was much appreciated by that point!)

Here are some photos...

Climbing the path to get to the stairs:

We've made it up the stairs and are getting close to the top now:

Here we are on the platform:

J and K at the lookoff:

Looking toward the village of Pike's Arm:


M looking cool in her shades (and I believe sporting my old camera, which did eventually recover from its waterbath!):

I love this photo of Mark, Kees and Dave gazing at the iceberg:

Here we are in our matching white hoodies (and K wearing Mark's $2 sweatshirt!):

Two icebergs out in the harbour:

Pike's Arm:

Wonderful photo of M:

We all wandered out to the edge, except Valerie, who has cliff issues:

Valerie took photos from the lookoff, of us out on the edge:


I think the iceberg looks like an elephant swimming along!

Aren't we cute?!

Comments (7)

Yes you are cute!
Wonderful photos, Anne.


Thanks Candi :)


Fantastic scenery, isn't it amazing to see icebergs in July!

Wonderful photos, Anne.


Thanks Sandra, I was thrilled that there were still icebergs around!

Ooohhh, it is almost like climbing a tower! Great views!! Amazing photos :)


girasoli, it was a bit like climbing a tower, long set of stairs up to an amazing view! I'm sure you would have loved it :)


The photos are awesome,been there myself and found it very uplifting.

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