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Daytrip to Twillingate - 2nd stop: Little Harbour

July 15

What a pretty little place is Little Harbour. It is a teeny tiny, very picturesque, little community on Twillingate Island. According to Wikipedia, there are only 13 families living here, not sure how accurate that is, but having been here, it sounds about right! Twillingate Island is reached by causeway from New World Island, which in turn is reached by causeway from Newfoundland (which is itself an island, of course...no causeway to/from the mainland though, one can get to Nfld only by sea or air!)

Valerie first stopped briefly at this spot. Carved along the bottom edge of the bench are these words: "Feel free to sit".

As I looked at those welcoming seats facing out over the peaceful little harbour, I was reminded of a line from the Simon & Garfunkle song "Old Friends":

"Can you imagine us years from today,
Sharing a parkbench quietly"

And I thought how wonderful is is to be sharing this day and this place with my old friend. (Yeah, I know...we are not chronologically old friends, but it somehow feels to me like our souls are old friends.)

Then we drove around the bend...

...and walked out on the rocks.

And yes, I do mean rocks!

Icebergs here too. It amazes me that they are still around in July.

Valerie and me...yeah, I'm pretty sure she's standing on her tippy-toes, she's really not that much taller than me, only a couple inches. (She always appears taller than she is, though...not sure how she manages that.)

Cute photo of Valerie, Mark and K (Hmm, I see Val's managing to tower over them as well, even though in reality, both are taller than she is!):

Val and Dave sharing a laugh...probably over Dave's reluctance to have his photo taken! ;)

Mark and K looking at the iceberg. The little cove across the way is where Val's (and J's) mother's family homestead used to be.

Beautiful photo of J and Val:

The girls loved the tidal pools and the fish within:

And then we carried on our way to the next hidden corner of this wonderful area!

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What a gorgeous day, I love all the rocks!


Sandra, me too - rocks and ocean draw me like a magnet!

Wow again, so beautiful! What a cute little town or I guess you would say village. Only 13 families. That is small!


There are ever so many little communities along the coast in Newfoundland, we touched only a handful. This time...I'll be back!

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