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Daytrip to Twillingate - The End

July 15

We continued on from Back Harbour to Crow Head, on the northern tip of Twillingate Island. Oh my, evidently this is quite a tourist attraction! There were tour buses and people milling about and a gift shop...reminded me of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. Valerie said it was popular because the tour buses can drive right up to it, so can include it as a stop in their sightseeing itineraries (as opposed to Pike's Arm, which involves quite the upward climb.) Crow Head certainly does have a spectacular view. We didn't see any whales though. :(



The water is actually a lot farther down than it looks:

J, Valerie and I on the lookoff platform...

M and K make themselves at home!

We only stopped briefly at Crow Head. I had hoped to go for a walk since there seemed to be several paths along the cliffs, but it didn't seem to me as though Valerie and the others were interested in staying long enough for that, so I didn't say anything. (Yeah I know...why should I think my interests are any less important than anyone else's, but I hate feeling like I'm imposing. Besides, there's always next year...I doubt the trails are going anywhere!)

I took this out the car window on the drive home...I'm really impressed with my new camera.

Ok, I had to snap a shot of the big giant lobster...

And now we are back at Val's place...the sun starting to set.

Valerie decided to put up more of the screening in the gazebo. I asked if she wanted help, but she said no, she didn't. But a couple minutes later she accepted help from Dave and J. Yup, definitely a "hmph" moment - I was rather offended by this turn of events. Not only because my help was apparently not good enough, but also because I wanted to be part of the gazeboo history too, and now felt like I was being excluded. I think I would have been fine had it been a case of Valerie just wanting to do it herself without anyone's help, but...refusing my help, then accepting Dave's and J's, hurt my feelings. In the end, she only put up a couple of screens...not sure if she just didn't feel like putting up more right then, or if she stopped because she felt the waves of hurt feelings radiating from me and realized what caused them. (Knowing Valerie, my guess is the latter!) I said to myself: don't let this little thing ruin the evening, I'll talk to her about it tomorrow if it's still bothering me.

Kees and Dave having a beer in the still incomplete gazebo:

To end off the evening, we decided to gather around a bonfire...Mark and M sharing a laugh:

Roasting things (weiners, marshmallows, capelin...take your pick!)

Capelin (or caplin), by the way, are a species of smelt. Per Wikipedia: "In the province of Newfoundland in Canada, it is a regular summertime practice to go to the beach and scoop the capelin up in nets or whatever is available, as the capelin "roll in" in the millions each year at end of June or early July." Mark was telling me about the capelin rolling, and how that also draws in the whales. I'm not sure if capelin are eaten fresh, but the ones we had were dried and salted. Quite tasty roasted over the bonfire, but VERY salty!

Kees roasted up a batch of capelin, which Dave enjoyed with his beer:

Yet another gorgeous sunset...

Someone is ready for bed :)

Actually, we all packed it in fairly early since Val, Mark and Kees had to get up at 3:30am to get Kees to the Gander airport in time to check in for a 6am flight. Then Mark and Valerie were going to Lewisporte to pick up Sarah (their middle daughter) and David (Sarah's boyfriend), who were arriving on the ferry from Cartwright, Labrador. (Sarah had been over visiting for the past week or two.) I anticipated a lazy day following, since doubted Val would be up for much after all that early morning bustling around.

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