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Gratitude Friday...my mother and my sister

As I mentioned last week, Diana Strinati Baur had a wonderful idea to start a Gratitude Friday Club...she challenged fellow bloggers to take a moment each Friday to say what we are grateful for, and to link back to her blog, where she has a list of some of those participating in The Gratitude Friday Club.)

Today, and always, I am grateful for...

...my Mom, a strong, independent, beautiful, intelligent, warm and loving woman. My sister Lynn and I often marvel at Mom's unflappable patience and understanding...she never takes things personally and is always able to shed new light on any problems we share with her. And she is fun to be around, with her great sense of humour and openness to new experiences! We gather at her house after church most Sundays and engage in conversations ranging from serious to silly.

...my sister Lynn, another strong, independent, beautiful, intelligent, warm and loving woman. What words can describe our connection? We have shared everything from friendship to fights (hey, what sisters haven't had a brawl or ten during the course of growing up together?!) She has come to my rescue when I found myself in awkward situations. She has provided a much needed shoulder in times of tears, and laughed with me after the tears subsided. She has, in turn, leaned on me when she needed support. We have a lifetime of inside jokes that provoke spontaneous giggle fits...we don't have to say anything to know that we are having the same foolish thought. Occasionally something strikes our funnybones at time when laughter would be untoward, and we have not dared make eye contact because we knew if we did so, we'd be unable to contain ourselves!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, two very special reasons to be grateful. You are so fortunate to have two such beautiful people in your life. I enjoyed reading more about your mom and sister and of your wonderful relationship with them.

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!


Thanks Kathy, I truly am blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my life! It's wonderful for me to have such a close relationship with my mom and sister :)


What a lovely post, Anne!

Three beautiful ladies!


Thanks Nancy, very sweet of you to say so!


Very lovely photos, Anne, and a beautiful entry.

I can't be in a photo with my sister, without turning 8 and using my fingers to put rabbit ears behind her head.


LOL Sandra! Shall we see evidence of this on your blog someday soon?? ;)

Very sweet post, Anne! And two great reasons to be grateful.


Thanks Candi, they are indeed great reasons! :)

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