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Gros Morne...the big climb

July 18 cont'd

Here are the photos that M took while climbing Gros Morne mountain. As I wrote earlier, she and Dave, Mark, Sarah and David all climbed the mountain, while Valerie, K and I took the boat tour of the Western Brook Pond fjord instead. Personally, I feel like I lucked out with how this all fell into place :), but I know the five hikers found the climb extremely rewarding.

Here are the signs that were posted at base camp. There were additional notices and warnings posted at the parking lot, before one even sets out, but I didn't think to take photos of those. One warned about not straying from the trail, stating emphatically that hikers have wandered off the path, fallen over the cliffs and died. This is a serious hike, no fooling around.





And here I am, at base camp, just about to head back to spend the afternoon with Valerie and K. As you look at the photos of the climb, keep in mind that they are making their way up that deep, rocky gully on the right hand side of this photo.

Some of these, at first glance, look much the same...and they are the same view. But if you look more closely, you can see that in each photo, they are higher and higher in each shot.



Now they are about halfway up (look back at the photo of me and you can see where the greenery pinches in.)



Rest break! They stopped near the top and had some sandwiches and trail mix to fortify themselves for the rest of the climb.

The little pink dot in the background is one of a couple other hikers, so you can tell there is still quite a ways to climb before getting up over that edge.




Almost there...the markers are of utmost importance to keep you on the trail...no straying!

They made it!!! Unfortunately, just as they got to the top, the clouds rolled in so they did all that climbing and didn't get to enjoy the view from the top. But still very exciting to see them at the top! (Another passing hiker took the group photo.)


The edge:

Self portrait as they began the descent:

This is a glacier. Imagine how old it must be...awesome.

There are no photos of the descent. Dave said climbing down across the side of the mountain required intense concentration and was physically exhausting, especially after having just climbed to the top. And apparently there was a pond that they initially thought was the one beside base camp, so got their hopes all up that the end was near...it was not. Base camp was still quite a ways off, and their spirits sank. They were definitely exhausted by the time we rejoined them at the campsite, but after regaining some strength, they were so proud of themselves. I think M and Sarah especially, since neither had ever been through such a grueling physically challenging ordeal as this. Plus Sarah has a fear of heights, so it was also a mental and emotional challenge for her to climb this mountain. I was so impressed with their strength and determination - well done, all of them!! :)

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Great climb!Good for those who did it!I can relate with Dave taking no photos coming down the mountain, I always find descending mountains harder than climbing them.


Candi, that's interesting. Before this, I'd just assumed it would be easier going down than up, but seems I was wrong! Plus, in this case, they had to take the path down around the back and side of the mountain, so the distance on the way down was considerably longer than the climb straight up.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wonderful photos and congrats to M and the others. I enjoyed looking at their photos and reading your narratives about their journey up. The scenery is so beautiful. Some of the trails looked rocky and difficult. I can see why they have the warnings of staying on the marked trails.

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to reading about your boat tour experience too with Valerie and K. This is such a beautiful place.

Congrats to the climbers. Love the photos and esp. that glacier!


Thanks guys :) I'm thrilled that M took such wonderful photos so I could climb vicariously through her! She was so proud of herself for doing this!! And deservedly so!

(PS - Kathy, the boat tour entry is the one just before this - I posted both on the same day, so you wouldn't have seen the earlier one in your feed.)

The group photo is priceless!


Maria, I'm thrilled that another hiker happened by so we have a photo of the whole group!

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