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Guess who...

...is the baby on the right?


It's me (of course!) The adorable little girl in the middle is my sister Lynn. And the two adults are my parents, long divorced but they made a really attractive couple, didn't they? I always loved this photo when I was a little girl. I remember it being on a triangular coffee table in the corner of our living room. Lynn came across the photo recently, so she made me a copy too.

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Very nice picture Anne. Yes they do make an attractive couple! And you and Lynn are very cute.

Barb Cabot:

It's a lovely family portrait and so nice it evokes happy memories for you. Thanks for sharing. I love old family photos.


Barb, old family photos are awesome. Gives such a different perspective on people to see them at various stages of life!


Anne, what gorgeous little girls. And you're right, your parents did make a lovely couple.

I love old family photos!


Thanks Sandra! :)

Great photo! I the curiosity you have in your eyes! I also love finding old photos. Funny what memories we attach to them. My sister sent me a photo of us (the 4 kids before my youngest sister was born) and it meant so much to me.


hey girasoli, you're right about the curiousity. I hadn't noticed that before, I wonder what I was looking at?!

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