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Time to paint the gazebo

July 19 & 20
(more chronicles of Newfoundland)

We left Gros Morne in the rain, stopped at the Big Stop in Deer Lake for brunch, and arrived back at Valerie's place around 2 o'clock. We didn't unpack the tents since it was still wet. Instead we decided to leave them until the next day and pitch them in the yard to dry out. The girls settled in to watch movies and chill after all the activity of the camping trip. K's cousin joined them for much of the afternoon.


Valerie and I got some laundry done, but otherwise just had a relaxing day. We had an easy supper of spaghetti, then went out to the gazebo and had a few drinks to end off the day.



I was awakened around 3 am by an intense itching on my elbow. Ugh, mosquitos had gotten in my bedroom during the night. I sprayed on some Benadryl (for which I am eternally grateful!!) As I stood by the window, I noticed how bright the stars were so I popped outside for a better look. Wow. Stunning in their brilliance, blazing diamond points of lights against the velvet black sky, the Milky Way a ribbon of white running through the middle. I was mesmerized...for about five seconds. And then the horde of mosquitos attacked my legs. I felt the brush of them on my skin and then - ahhhh, bites, bites and more bites. I hightailed it back in the house, but in the space of a few seconds, I was bitten at least a dozen times. I sprayed on the Benadryl and lay in bed...vibrating in an agony of itchiness. Thinking that if anyone ever wanted to get information out of me, nevermind painful torture, just threaten me with mosquitos and I'd confess to anything! Eventually though, I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Valerie headed off to visit some family. In the meantime, Dave and I pitched the tents and hung up sleeping bags to dry. Then Mark, Dave, K and M played a game of LOTR Risk. The girls ganged up on the daddies, first putting Dave out, then Mark, then they duked it out between themselves for a while until K eventually won.


When Valerie returned, we painted the gazebo. Dynastic orange, to be exact (if memory serves!) with white trim. She and I painted most of it, with a bit of help from Mark, Dave and J. We also painted the picnic table to match. It looks very pretty!!



We had BBQ steak for supper, with mustard potato salad, beet potato salad, and a green salad with fruits and nuts...all very yummy! We made plans to ditch the kids and go out for some adult time with J and Cal. But first Valerie disappeared for a while, and none of us had a clue where she went...turned out she'd gone visiting again. I told her she could bring me along on these visits, would be nice to meet some of these people I am hearing about. J answered for her, saying "nah, she's ashamed of you!" :)

Eventually, we headed into Bishop's Falls for a walk on the trestle bridge, which is part of the T'railway. (A recreational trail along what used to be the Canadian National railway line, which was abandoned in 1988.) The walk across the bridge was lovely, with gorgeous views of the Exploits.


Dave tried to hide from the camera...unsuccessfully ;)

Valerie and I on the trestle bridge, with the Exploits River in the background:

There was a cabin on the other side of the river, across the bridge. Didn't seem to be a road over there though, so we assumed the owners had to reach it by quad or something via the trail.

I got a kick out of seeing *road* signs on a hiking trail!

We drove up to the ridge overlooking the river to check out the view.


After our walk, we went to the Ice Cream Parlour. On the way back to the cars, we all burst into skipping...a couple buddies sitting in a parked car didn't know what to make of that spectacle!! Too funny. And then we headed home, to end off another lovely day by relaxing in the (now orange) gazebo!

The sunsets are breathtakingly gorgeous in this place...the colours just glow across the river.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I really like the cool orange color you and Valerie painted the Gazebo. Sunsets are my favorite and they are beautiful there in New Foundland.

I love all of your photos Anne. Thank you so much for continuing to post about your wonderful trip. Have a great Sunday evening.


Hi Kathy, I'm glad you're enjoying my entries. We really did have a wonderful time, and it's so fun for me to relive it through my blog. The orange gazebo is so bright and cheerful, isn't it? I love it, and looks great with the white trim.

Gorgeous photos! So it was painted orange :) How many people fit inside? I still need to go back and catch up on more of your posts...

Love the orange gazebo! And your beautiful sunset photos are so nice.


thanks girasoli, we had 6-7 people (and chairs) most of the time and weren't at all crowded. I think at one point, there were 10, when the kids all came in to munch on natchos, but they sat on the floor and didn't stay long. It's a decent sized building though.

Annie, the sunrises were lovely too, but I guess my brain wasn't awake enough in the mornings to think of taking photos!

I love the last few photos with the twilight colors. I also love the color orange and think the gazebo looks great, nice job:)


thanks Candi :) It was great fun painting it too! :)

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