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Woohoo, long weekend!!

(I interrupt the regularly scheduled run of vacation entries in order to tell you what I did this weekend!)

The first Monday is August is a civic holiday for many folks around here. It is Natal Day, celebrating the founding of Halifax. Although Dave and I both work in Halifax, we live outside the city and never go into the Natal Day celebrations but hey, we're not going to turn down a holiday! Plus we had Friday off. We work an extra half hour every day, which builds up to give us a day off every three weeks. I love it when my modified day coincides with an already long weekend and I get four days off - it's like a mini-vacation!

Friday...had a lazy morning, wrote in my blog, did some laundry, caught up on my church treasurer stuff, helped Dave put the steps into the pool. We went along to Valerie's house for supper, and then to the new Harry Potter movie. We would have gone when it first came out, but...there are no movie theatres in Central Newfoundland! I found this HP movie rather slow and draggy...in fact, when we came out, Valerie and I were looking for the "If you didn't like this movie, it's free" signs so we could get our money back, but none were in sight. It wasn't exactly bad though, just really slow plus, as Mark pointed out, the actors are getting past the point of being convincing teenagers. Our own gaggle of teenagers all seemed to love it though.

Saturday...I don't think I did much of anything, at least if I did, it apparently didn't leave a lasting impression since am drawing a blank! I wrote in my blog, did some housework, including more laundry (where DOES it all come from??!) Just general puttering around. Dave spent much of the afternoon flaked on the couch, his energy sapped by the humidity.

Sunday...went to church, then along to Dave's parents. Church was lovely. I love the intimate informality of the summer services, I have to say. We always start with a hymn sing where folks just call out what they want to sing. In her sermon this week, Valerie spoke of our Gros Morne trip, specifically when she, K and I took the boat up Western Brook Pond and were awed by the wonders of God's creation. So naturally I was fascinated! After church, I went up to my Mom's for a couple hours and had a nice visit with her. I showed her some of my vacation photos and she filled me in on what she's been up to lately. My sister Lynn arrived just as I was ready to leave, so it was fun to see her and my adorable niece, even if just for a few minutes. Then I took the girls up to Dave's parents for the day. His mom had called Saturday and said we should come along since his two sisters and their families would be there. Dave didn't feel like going, so Sara, M and I went without him! We had a wonderful day.

As soon as we arrived, Dave's mom said everyone's at the beach, let's go. So on with our swimsuits and away we went. The beach was fun - super warm water and sandbars that go on forever.



Then back to Valhalla we went (Dave's paternal heritage is Norwegian, and his dad dubbed their property Valhalla in honour of the Viking connection.) The kids had a water gun fight (soaking the occasional adult!)

Sara played for a while, then refereed the little kids:

The kids also had an encounter with a garter snake. Here they are looking for the snake, which had been spotted on a rock just the other side of the bushes:

One of our nephews got a wee bit carried away and picked up the snake...by the tail. Was rather a wicked bite too, I must say. But his mom washed it up with hydrogen peroxide and bandaged it up. Dave's dad (aka Bumpy) told him he had a red badge of courage since the wound was seeping blood for a while. He seemed fine by the time we left though. (Well Sara and I left...M stayed behind to visit for a few days.)

I really enjoyed this wonderful day of sun, fun and family, and my in-law's beautiful property:


This cloud reminded me of an ostrich!

Monday...yes, more laundry (seriously - where DOES it all come from???) I also made a smoked haddock chowder for supper. And finally exorcised the ugly cherubs from my home!! I think I might have mentioned before about the truly hideous border that was in my living room, courtesy of the previous owner. This is what I have been living with lo these past seven years (shudder):

Well, I'd procrastinated long enough...today was the day: the cherubs had to go!

I was glad we had the pool, because it was a drippingly hot and humid day. A dip in the pool cooled me down enough to continue stripping the border. I was immensely frustrated at first, the darn stuff just would not strip off. But once I clued in that the top layer of the border needed to be dry stripped off, and it was just the underneath layer that needed wetting down, things went along much more smoothly! Now my walls await a new look. I think I will paint them yellow.

Around three or so, I remembered that I promised Valerie I'd let her know when I was making the chowder (I'd mentioned on Friday that I was going to be making a chowder this week, and she was most anxious to have some, if possible.) So I rang her up...it was such a short and to the point conversation, I was chuckling for quite a while afterwards:
"Hi, how are ya?"
"Good, you?"
"Fine, just calling to say that we're having smoked haddock chowder for supper tonight. You can do with that info what you will."
(burst of laughter) "Ok, I might be there"
"Ok, bye"

The chowder was fantastic! I'd never made smoked fish chowder before, but I will definitely make it again. We all agreed it was absolutely delicious (including Valerie, who of course couldn't resist my oh so eloquent invitation.)

All in all, a delightful long weekend!! I hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

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Nice long weekend!! And congratulations on getting those borders off! Hooray!

It cracks me up that they named their property Valhalla - for a Norwegian Valhall sounds a little too much like battle and death! :)

Love the ostrich cloud!!


Thanks Chiocciola, it makes a huge difference not being faced with creepy cherubs every morning...shudder.

Funny about Valhalla, although I don't think it would have been a name I'd have chosen either - for much the same reason!

Yay! You finally got rid of that border. Must have felt nice :)


girasoli, it's amazing how different my living room looks! Lighter, brighter, bigger...it's wonderful. I'll have to post a photo of what it now looks like after its pretty yellow transformation!

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