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A colourful assortment...

I ended up having the day off yesterday, so Valerie and I went for a marvellous drive down the South Shore, stopping at various gift shops and antique stores along the way. One place really caught our eye, and we just had to stop in and admire the vibrant colours and spinning bits of fun!

The Whirlygig Factory



Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of their handmade wooden whirlygigs, but there were lots of whimsical pieces around. Some were boats, with the oars and/or paddles spinning. Others were mermaids, one was in a hammock, too cute!

We stopped in Chester, and I was surprised to learn that Valerie had never been to Chester, she had driven past, but had never actually gone into the village. So it was fun for me to walk around with her, and talk about how I used to spend time here in my younger years. (We had a sailboat, which we pretty much lived on during the summer when not in school. Much of the time, we sailed out of Chester, although also spent a summer in Summerside, PEI, and once sailed over to the Magdalene Islands, which voyage remains one of my favourite sailing adventures ever...even if we did nearly sink ourselves hitting a reef in a hurricane on the way back to the mainland!)

We parked the car in the Warp and Woof Gallery parking lot and then went for a stroll around the village. (Parking's rather scarce in Chester, we did go into the gift shop and look around, but...yeah, we pushed the concept of customer parking a bit far :) Oh well!) We strolled along the front harbour, around to the back harbour, then up over the hill to the centre of the village, where we checked out a couple more shops and had lunch. We ate at the Fo'c'sle Tavern, which has been in business since the late 1800's and is quite a local landmark. I had beer battered haddock and fries, and Valerie had a chicken wrap of some kind and fries. Good food and decently priced (as to be expected from a tavern!)

After lunch, we wandered back down to the car and carried on to Mahone Bay. Mahone Bay is such a pretty little town, well known for its three lovely waterfront churches.

Here is the gorgeous Anglican church, and just beyond is the steeple of the Lutheran church (and out of sight in my photo, but just a few steps past that is the United Church.)


Mahone Bay also has many beautiful buildings...


What a wonderful day of driving along the gorgeous coast, amusing ourselves in the shops (including a ridulously over-priced linen shop!), talking of so many things both serious and silly, sharing laughter and enjoying a day together, just us. I really needed this day of getting away from it all...

Oh and speaking of bright colours, I told you a while ago that I'd finally gotten rid of the horrid cherub wall border in my living room, so thought I'd show you what it looks like after a fresh coat of paint (or five!)




And after...



I love my shiny, happy yellow wonderland! :)

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Wow! The living room looks wonderful. Very cheery and the cherubs really did need to go! Isn't the Whirlygig Factory great? One day I am going to stop there when we go by. Whirlygigs are kind of fun.

I love your new yellow room. It looks wonderful!

Sounds like a fun day. The sign cracks me up: the answer is blowing in the wind, ha ha.


Thanks Annie, the room even feels larger now. I can't get over what a difference it made painting the walls.

I thought the sign was cute too. Such a fun and colourful shop. We really did have a great day! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, it sounds like you had a really wonderful time with your friend. I love the colorful shop and Mahone Bay looks beautiful.

And great job on the new color choice for your living room. I think it is very cool color.

Have a great day today!


I sure did, Kathy! Mahone Bay is a lovely spot, very colourful and inviting. Our whole South Shore is beautiful, no wonder it's such a tourist draw.

Thanks, glad you like my new paint colour, I looked at about ten different shades of yellow before settling on just the perfect one! I'm going to do Sara's old room next, then M's room. (Anything to avoid the foyer - not looking forward to painting over the stairs! Dave figures we'll need staging of some kind since is too high for the step ladder.)


Anne, I love that colour, your living room looks really lovely.

That is a beautiful church, with its steeple -- there's something so welcoming about a church with a steeple! And I love the name of the Warp and Woof Gallery.


Thanks Sandra!

The Warp and Woof has always tickled my fancy. I remember as a little girl thinking that was the BEST shop name ever!

Wow Wow Wow!! I LOVE the color you chose. What a difference. The room now looks so cheery and sunny. Great job!

I forgot all about whirlygigs! I don't think anyone has them here in Hawaii. What a blast from my past :)

Mahone Bay looks like a cool little town to visit. Love the photos.


thanks girasoli, I just keep loving it more every day, I'm thrilled with my choice of colour!

Fun that you remember whirlygigs! They are found on a lot of houses down along Nova Scotia's south shore. Love the bright splashes of colour!

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