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ABCs of me

Saw this on Jill's blog, got a kick out of her responses, so am doing it too. Just because.

The ABCs of me:

Available or single?

Sorry to break your heart but neither - I'm already taken ;)

Best Friend?

Well if you have to ask...welcome to my blog, stranger!
(Feel free to poke around, you won't have to look back very far to find the answer.)

Cake or Pie?

Pie, methinks...in fact, I might put in an order for birthday pie this year (although the past cakish creations of my sister have been divine, for sure!!)

Drink of choice?

Crappy tea!! (Ok I confess, my first choice is really boring old water, but crappy tea's good too.)

Essential item for every day use?

My glasses...or maybe my toothbrush, 'cause who wants to go around with morning breath all day?

Favorite color?



...is a search engine? Not sure what else to say about it...


...has changed several times over the years. Currently it is where I now live.


Oh where to start...wine, ice cream, chocolate, spending too much time on my blog ;)

January or February?

February, because both my daughters, Sara and M, were born in February, and so was my best friend.

Kids and their names?

Two daughters. Yes, they both have names...real ones too, not just "whatchamacaller" and "youthere"

Life is incomplete without…?

Love...and chocolate

Marriage date?

August 8

Number of siblings?

One older sister with whom I grew up, plus three much younger brothers and one younger sister from my father's second marriage.

Oranges or apples?

...are not the same. Oh was I supposed to choose which I prefer? Apples, I guess, but both are tasty.

Phobias and fears?


Quote for the day?

"Little children, headache; big children, heartache"
~ Italian Proverb (so the internet tells me, which means it must be true.)

Reason to smile?

Because my heart is full of joy ♥


They're all wonderful for different reasons, although my relationship with winter is a bit strained bytimes.

Tag 3 people?

Nah, I'll pass...if anyone else wants to make up their own responses, go for it!

Unknown fact about me?

Unknown to you, and fairly new to me: I have ADD/ADHD, according to Sara's psychiatrist. (This explains many things!)

Vegetable you hate?

I honestly cannot think of one (yes, I even like brussel sprouts and turnip)

Worst habit?

Whatever do you mean? I have no bad habits, clearly you must have me confused with someone else...

Xrays you’ve had?

Hmm, do mammograms count? If so, half a dozen or thereabouts...if not, just one that I recall.

Your fave food?

Is ice cream considered a *food*??

Zodiac sign?


Comments (7)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, and there are more new and interesting things I've learned about you. :)

Thanks for sharing & have a wonderful evening.

Barb Cabot:

Anne learned some new fun facts....


Very interesting! I'm with you on the maggots, double-ick!

I'm also with you on mammograms, I just had my first and ouch!!!!


Sandra, my M likes this packaged stuff called Mr. Noodles and sometimes the dry noodle bits land on the floor or the furniture, etc...and look like little maggots! Creeps me out EVERY time, I need to ban that stuff from my house, I think!

Yeah, mammograms are just delightful...I have to go for yet another one on Thursday as a follow up after the biopsy I had last spring. Oh joy :(

Cute! And yes, ice cream is definitely a food. :)

Fun list! How about beets? And YES ice cream is definitely considered a food (at least in my book).


girasoli, I love beets, especially fresh from the garden, cooked and served with butter, salt and pepper...mmMMM!! So tasty!

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