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Camp close to home

As I wrote yesterday, we bought ourselves a Boler. I'm sure we will tour around with it a bit, but we're also getting a seasonal site at the campground where our friends have their camper, and I expect we'll mostly just camp there. It's far enough from our house that it has the "getting away from the real world" feeling, but still less than half an hour's drive away - is perfect really!

The campground is pretty much smack dab in the middle of Nova Scotia, on a small lake which is suitable for swimming early in the summer season (before the geese mess it up too much) and for canoeing (although it would help if we actually had a canoe or kayak!) I also hear they shoot off some amazing Canada Day fireworks from a platform out in the middle of the lake, so hoping to check that out next summer.



The campground sort of closes from end of October until early May, but people can still go in and stay in their own campers over the winter if they want, although the power and water is turned off, and the washrooms/shower building closed up. But there are outhouses, so if one has a propane stove for cooking and a heater of some sort for warmth, no problem!

We were out last night to check out Mark and Valerie's new camper - they recently traded their tent trailer for a big travel trailer with the pop out extension on the side. Yeah, it's a tad bigger than our trailer- just the master bedroom alone is about the size of the Boler! :) (But the upside of our little Boler is that it's portable, so we can travel around for a change of scenery if we want. I might finally get around the beautiful Cabot Trail again! Dave and I camped there on our honeymoon 23 years ago and haven't been back since.)

While at the campground, Valerie and I walked around and looked at all the vacant sites, and at first I decided on this one, on the other side of the road from their site:

But then the guy who owns the campground drove by doing rounds, and stopped to chat. I mentioned that I was hoping to move in across the road from Valerie and he asked "why don't you take the site right beside her?" Well, for one thing, we'd thought it was occupied because there was a lot of debris around that made it look like the occupants were just away temporarily. But apparently no, they have left for good. I also told him that we only have a little Boler so don't need sewage, thinking that maybe he'd rather save that spot for someone who did. He said no matter, perhaps we'd want to trade up soon. I refrained from telling him that in fact, we had just traded up...from a tent! The site right beside Valerie and Mark is not as big or as private as the site across the road, but I think it will be so much fun sharing adjoining sites - I'm really looking forward to being camping neighbours! :)

So here is "our" new campsite (assuming buddy doesn't rent it out before I get around to looking up his number and calling him!)

Our site from another angle (with Val & Mark's massive mansion-on-wheels in the background):

Valerie, beaming with delight in her beautiful new camper :

Dave and Mark getting ready to tuck into supper:

Our daughter M has already declared that she'll be sleeping in K's larger trailer rather than our tiny Boler. As we talked about this, Mark pointed out that Dave and I actually have the better end of the deal because we'll get to sleep in our Boler all alone, whereas he and Valerie will have to put up with the teenagers! (All part of my master plan, my friend...lol)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, great news about finding a great campsite spot. And how cool that you will be next to your friends. The lake is very beautiful. Looks like you have some wonderful plans ahead of you and I look forward to reading about them. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Have a great Sunday.

Congratulations on your new toy - or rather Dave's new toy!! The campground looks really beautiful and it's great that you get to be next to your friends!


Kathy, I can't wait to get moved in! The other nice thing about having a lot in this campground is that we can enjoy it all year round. I'm hoping we can go skating on the little lake once it freezes.

Thanks Chiocciola! DAVE's new toy is right - I forgot to sign the paperwork before he went in to register it, so it's only registered in his name. (Oh well, I'll just have to fight him for it in the divorce settlement! LOL) I'm thrilled that we are beside our friends, we will have so much fun together!!

That is great! I am sure you will have great time! The campsite looks pretty with the lake views.

It is a lovely place to camp and you're going to have your best friend as your neighbor. Perfect!


Candi, it is a nice little spot, especially for a private campground. (The provincial parks are nicer than the private places, but are only for nightly camping.) I might have to look into getting a canoe so we can make use of the lake!

Maria, you're right, it really is perfect. I am absolutely tickled pink that we will be camping neighbours :)

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