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Gratitude Friday...Dave's new toy :)

So my hubby, Dave, has been wanting one of those little fibreglass Boler trailers for years, decades even. They are not easy to come by, at least not ones that are in good condition AND a decent price. (Not to mention that over the years I've mostly just laughed and said yeah right, I'm not going camping in something that's barely bigger than a breadbox.) But, after all these years, the universe has finally smiled upon him. A guy in a neighbouring community was selling his 1972 Boler, and we happened along just at the right time to buy it.

Now you might wonder how Dave convinced me to go along with this purchase...well, he started threatening to build some kind of camper himself. Suddenly a factory made Boler, no matter how small, seemed like an attractive option! Therefore...

I am grateful that we now own a real camper, albeit tiny, and not a homemade contraption.

I think we'll enjoy camping in our new (old) Boler. It's actually pretty cute, although it would be nice to paint it something more exciting than off white (something less egg-like perhaps?) And if it turns out I hate it, we can always sell it in a year or two for the same or higher price - they are just that much in demand. Seriously, it's like some kind of cult or something...and now we're part it, oh dear!

These campers seem often to be referred to as an "egg on wheels" (you'll understand why after you check out the following photos.) I was just reading an article on the history of the Boler, and it said the creator Ray Olecko "was looking for an unusual name for the trailer, and thinking that it looked a little like a bowler hat, he decided on Boler!" (So Valerie, there is a connection to the hat after all!)

Here are some photos:











We're also talking about getting a seasonal spot at the campground where our friends Mark and Valerie have their camper. That works perfectly for us because the campground is not that far from our house, so won't be a big deal to pop over and fetch it if we decide to take it away for the weekend or whatever. (Dave is labouring under the delusion that we'll be making actual camping trips, which is why he wanted something light enough to tow with our small truck...personally, I'm thinking nearby campground + the company of best friends = duh, why would I want to go camping elsewhere??)

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I think it's so cute! I'd probably leave it off-white but put some decorations on it. A "Flower Power" sticker comes to mind. :)

Happy camping!

Congrats on the purchase! I think I would like camping in this camper.


Annie, it has crossed my mind to get Sara to paint rainbows or something on the sides. Flower power would work too! I'll post photos if we ever do colour it up.

Candi, I think it will be lots of fun. It feels bigger inside than it looks, really has all we need, except a toilet. But that's no big deal, the campground has washrooms. I can't wait to start using it!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, cool toy! I bet you're going to have some fun camping experiences with your newly acquired Boler. That would be a wonderful idea for Sara to paint some pretty rainbows and some Flower Power too.

Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm looking forward to your future camping posts now.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks Kathy! I admit I was pretty skeptical about this tiny rig at first, but now that we have it, I am very excited! I'm looking forward to some great times with it. I've been wanting to go around the Cabot Trail again for years - Dave and I went tenting there on our honeymoon but have never been back! It might be fun to revisit it in our Boler :)

I've never head of a Boler. It is soooo cute! Is there a toilet in there? How many people can fit inside. I kind of like it that color. It does look like an egg. Congrats on the new toy!


girasoli, I only know about them from Dave. I think there were only about 10,000 of the original Bolers made, before the Canadian designer sold his business to an American firm who changed the name to Scamp. Ours is an original Boler - #1337!

Alas, no toilet. But we'll just get a chemical toilet for when we're camping somewhere that has no washrooms. It has a little fridge and propane stove, and a furnace (that doesn't yet work, Dave thinks will be an easy fix.)

It sleeps 4. The table makes into a double bed, and there are the 2 bunks. The bunks actually fold down into a sofa. It is pretty cool, I'm quite excited now that we have it!! :)


Anne, I think it is adorable!

I bet you have a lot of fun trips in it!


Thanks Nancy, I'm sure we'll have lots of fun too!

I love Dave's new toy! It looks very clean and well maintained for a thirty-something camper.

When the kids were younger, we had a pop-up camper. We went camping to Mexico and to the Arizona high-country and had a lot of fun. On one trip we took one of the cats along with my dog. We loved the trailer and even though it was a little cramped, we enjoyed each trip.

I'm looking forward to reading the blog posts from the Boler's Diaries.

I'm with Annie: something hippieish would be cool.


Maria, I was surprised it was in such good condition considering its age. The Boler Diaries is the perfect name for my camping category, I love it! Pop-up campers are cool too, sounds like you had lots of fun with yours :) My Winston HATES being in the car, so I don't see any camping trips in his future!

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