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Gratitude Friday...tea

I read this quotation on my friend Barb's blog earlier in the week, and it inspired today's entry:

Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things.
~ Saki

Well I'm not going to tell you hundreds of things, but I will tell you one story. The story of how my favourite tea came to be called "crappy tea"...

Once upon a time...I was picking up some produce at Avery's Farm Market and I noticed that they carried a few types of Just Us! tea. One in particular, called Organic Lemon & Honey, sounded very tasty, so I picked up a box to try. It was indeed tasty, so the next time I was at Avery's, I picked up a box for my friend Valerie, too.

Sometime later...I was at her house chatting with her husband Mark. (We have a running joke that he's my "real" friend, because of all the times I've ended up visiting him in her absence when she's been called away for some pastoral emergency or another. Valerie once said it was really a friendship test...if I could put up with her goofy husband, I must be a true friend! In truth, I enjoy his company very much and have grown enormously fond of him, especially after we all spent so much time together in Newfoundland.) Anyway this particular day, Mark asked if I wanted coffee or tea or anything. I said a cup of tea would be lovely, and followed him into the kitchen. He said, "do you want regular tea, or [picking up a box from the counter] this crappy tea?" It was, of course, the box of lemon & honey tea that I'd left at their house on a previous visit. I laughed and replied, "Hey, I brought that crappy tea! And yes, I will have a cup of that crappy tea, thank you very much!" So I had a lovely cup of crappy tea, and we carried on with our visit.

Naturally I had to share this story with Valerie when next I saw her and, as I knew she would, she found it just as funny as I did. And so Just Us! Lemon & Honey tea is now, and will forevermore be, referred to as "crappy tea" in our little world. The incident hadn't stuck in Mark's head at all though because a few months later, Valerie and I were talking about having crappy tea and he asked why do we always call it that. "Well (snicker, snicker), you started it", we replied...and reminded him of the story.

Just the other day, I read the back of the box...
...and discovered that, lo these past many months, I've been using an improper technique - gasp - henceforth, I shall stop swishing the teabag about and instead patiently wait for the flavours to unfold as it steeps.

Today, I am grateful for the relaxing warmth of tea, for the many stories shared over cups of tea, (for inside jokes!), and for the wonderful metaphor tea provides for living: that it is best enjoyed when all its delicious flavours and aromas are allowed to unfold and mingle as they will...


As always, each Friday I invite you to click over to Diana Strinati Baur's blog, where you will find links to the other Gratitude Friday Club. Let your heart be warmed and lifted as their stories of gratitude unfold...

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Barb Cabot:

Happy Friday Anne. Love this story of "crappy tea". Hilarious. I'll look for it and hopefully buy some crappy tea for myself. Cheers.


Thanks Barb, yeah that story makes me laugh everytime! It really is a lovely cup of tea though, I highly recommend it.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I love your "crappy tea" story too. :) What a wonderful inside story to have and share with your good friends.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!


Kathy, thanks :) It really is fun to have these shared memories!

Right now I am grateful to be sitting on the terrace of my rental apartment in Athens - sipping COFFEE! No tea drinking for me. LOL

Have a great weekend.


Jerry, that sounds wonderful! Glad to know you made it safe and sound. Can't wait to "visit" Athens through your stories. Hope Paul's cold is shortlived so he can fully enjoy the trip. Enjoy your wandering!!!

This story cracks me up! I knew even before reading the tea he was referring to was going to be the tea you bought. Funny that he doesn't remember though. I made tea the wrong way for years before reading the directions. I am still too impatient at times to wait for it to steep long enough though.


girasoli, I discovered that it does actually taste better when allowed to "unfold" properly (that wording still tickles my funny bone though!)

Funny story, Anne!

I love tea but only drink it when in company of friends. Don't know why but that's how I have always enjoyed it.

I somehow imagined that you had to have a goofy mug for your tea/coffee. The mug fits your personality to a "T" (or tea, ha ha) - a happy and fun friend, and a bit goofy, too!



Haha Maria, I love my happy face mug! And I agree, tea is definitely best enjoyed in the company of friends (as is espresso and prosecco and spritzers...hmm, seems we've shared a good many beverages together, my friend!)


Great story, I just love inside jokes! And your "crappy tea" looks wonderful!


Sandra, if you're a tea drinker at all, give this kind a try, it really is good. I love inside jokes too, they are such fun!

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