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Catching up...

Well, I'm finally getting my energy back after having the flu all week. I can't believe the negative impact this flu had on my mood. I was down in the dumps, half weepy even, all week. (Imagine PMS on steroids...) My mood lifted a bit Wednesday, but it was back in the dumps Thursday and early Friday. I think by that point, my low mood was partly from the flu itself, partly due to my frustration at still feeling so fatigued, and partly due to my feeling like a pain in neck to all those around me. I was tired of being tired, and tired of having to ask people to do things for me.

My sister lifted my spirits late Friday morning with great phone chat, convincing me not to feel bad about leaning on people when I need to. She also reminded me of a Sesame Street skit where some muppets had to knock on someone's door, needing help for some reason, and while they were waiting for the person to answer, got themselves all worked up with imagined reasons why that person won't want to help. So when the unsuspecting person finally opened the door, they snapped out something in an accusatory tone like "fine, don't help then" and stormed away. I laughed and said good grief, that was me on the phone earlier with Valerie, who was coming to pick M and I up later that afternoon...good thing she loves me!

All week long, I had my fingers and toes crossed that I'd be recovered enough by Friday night to go to the Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers concert. We had gotten tickets a month ago and were all really looking forward to an evening out, dinner and the show. Fortunately, I was up for it, although was still quite tired and my appetite wasn't fully back to normal. (In reality, I would had to have been pretty much on death's door before I would have missed this, but happily, that wasn't the case!)

We went to the Cellar in Bedford for supper and had a fantastic meal. We shared a terrific appetizer - artichoke terrine with toasted rounds of bread. SO yummy!!!! Mind you, I was then too full to finish my entree. I had chicken and sundried tomato on fettucini egg noodles. I ate maybe half of it, although it was quite delicious. Can't recall what the others had, but all the dishes were tasty. And our waitress was great, had a fun sense of humour. For example, we'd all asked for glasses of water but none materialized...so then Valerie asked for a pitcher of water, adding "and glasses" since we hadn't gotten any the first time we'd asked. When the waitress brought the water pitcher, she'd stuck four straws in it as a joke! I thought it was pretty funny. My coffee didn't taste good to me though, which oddly enough seems to be a common thing with this flu. Mark said he found the same thing when he had this flu, and afterward I remembered reading another friend's facebook status about being turned off coffee while she had the flu.

The Buddy Wasisname concert was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I had no idea they were such talented musicians, in addition to being very funny. I don't think their humour would translate well if I tried to explain it, or share any of their jokes though, so I won't even try. Suffice to say that if they come your way, you should go see them. I posted a youtube video I found of one of their songs a while ago in this entry. Alas, they didn't play it during the concert, but here are a couple that they did play. (I just found the videos on youtube, I didn't make them.)

The first one is a song called Is You 'Appy?, and is the song Mark says he wants played as the final number at his funeral...gotta love it! It's a great rousing song, hard not to feel happy while singing along!!

The second one is called Salt Beef Junky. I got such a kick out of this song because the food mentioned really IS traditional Newfoundland fare...I've had salt beef and peas pudding and greens and all at Valerie's house, and at her sister J's house while in Newfoundland last summer. It's all very tasty, really...I'd take it over low fat tofu any day!!

And one they sang at the end, a sort of ode to Newfoundland. I love the line "The ocean smells are perfume to my soul." So true...

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Glad you are feeling better! Interesting about the coffee.

Glad to hear that you're better and were able to attend the concert.

Loved the amazing images on the video and the last song was quite beautiful. Like the title: Saltwater Joys; it brings memories of the island I call home.


Sounds like you are feeling better now and that you had a nice dinner and concert.

Take care of yourself.


Thanks everyone :)

Girasoli, my taste for coffee is slowly returning. Is the the weirdest thing!

Maria, how cool that song reminded you of your home. Although your island is considerably warmer than Newfoundland! (At least much warmer than NL in winter - brr!!)

Nancy, I did have a wonderful evening out with Dave and our friends :)

Am almost entirely recovered from the flu, but still have some lingering fatigue. Hopefully that will soon go away and I'll have my full strength and energy back!!

So glad that you are feeling better and were able to go to this!


Thanks Annie, me too. I would have been crushed if I'd had to miss it. Valerie joked earlier in the week that if I wasn't recovered by Friday, she'd have to rethink this whole friendship thing! (On account of the universe always throwing wrenches into our plans, that is) lol


Sounds like a great night out, Anne!

I'm very glad to hear you're feeling better. And that I wasn't the only one who felt really blue throughout, and after, the flu. I was really down, for about 2 weeks -- not a good feeling when November weather already conspires to make us feel blue!


Sandra, isn't it a bizarre flu symptom? It seems so prevalent, I'm surprised there hasn't been more mention of it. I'm still feeling a bit in the shadows moodwise, but not as bad as last week. Hoping to be back to normal by next week. Oh well, if we had to get this nasty flu, at least we got it over with before Christmas! :)

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