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Face memory test...

Ugh. My arm is sore. Got the H1N1 vaccine after work and my arm is steadily aching more and more. I figured that since I didn't actually get tested for swine flu, I should still get the vaccine on the off chance I had some other strain of flu (even though the experts keep stating that H1N1 is the only strain on the go in my neck of the woods right now.) I might be immune anyway, but I don't want to take any chances. I've had enough flu for one year, thank you very much. Still feeling fatigued and really down moodwise...will be glad when my inner joy returns and I feel energetic again. This dragginess is seriously wearing on my nerves!

Well I know you're all dying to hear about the *fascinating* session I attended this morning on travel and expense claim management within the provincial government, but you'll have to settle for this bit of nonsense instead...

I just took the Face memory test on BBC's website.

I was one answer away from a perfect score...so I guess I didn't suffer any brain damage during my bout with swine flu!


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Glad you are feeling better :) I just took this test after a week of no sleep - my dad has been in the hospital. He is home now but it has been a tough week. Figured this was a great time to test if I would be unaffected by sleep loss.

I got a Recognition score
(if you saw it) of 75%. I remembered all from the 1st 12 and only 5 from the 2nd 12. I also thought I saw 3 more of the photos not in either set.

I did much better with the Temporal memory score
(when you saw it) with a score of 94%. I knew all the ones from the 1st 12 but spaced out some when watching the 2nd set and basically guessed on those.

I think being tired definitely affected my score.

Fun test! Thanks for sharing.


oh girasoli, sorry to hear about your dad - glad he is ok now. Remember to take care of yourself too! Interesting about your score, makes sense that lack of sleep would affect it. Great job on guessing in the second part to end up with 94%!

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