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Hallelujah, my inner joy is back!!! :)

Wake up! Arise! Rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for a bright new day!!!

That is the song in my head this morning as I did indeed wake up feeling like it's a bright new day - hooray!! I have had a dark shadow of gloominess over my heart ever since I came down with the flu almost two weeks ago. I've never in my life had such an extended period of the blues, it's been horrible, I hope I never descend into the dumps for that long again. I didn't even feel particularly uplifted in church on Sunday, which is truly unusual because I love Sunday worship and I love connecting with my church family each week. But my blue flu mood even put a damper on that this week.

I don't know what marvellous metamorphosis happened in my sleep last night, but I woke this morning feeling like the cloud has finally blown away and my heart is once again full of light and rainbows! The weather outside is frightful, but my heart feels oh! delightful...it might be raining outside, but inside my heart the sun is shining :)

This is how I feel today:

To feel keenly the poetry of a morning's roses, one has to have just escaped from the claws of this vulture which we call sickness.
~ Henri Frederic Amiel

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Yay! So glad you're feeling better and have escaped from the claws of that vulture (great line!).


Thanks Annie :) That is a great line, isn't it? It's such a relief to feel my spirit light again this morning after feel draggy for so long. I count my blessings that I don't suffer from depression...this little glimpse of how it must feel was an eye opener for me.

Barb Cabot:

So happy you are on top of the world again! right where you belong!


thanks Barb, how sweet of you to say :) Now that the song is back in my heart, I realize just how much I missed it - I hope my internal orchestra never gets knocked out again!


Wonderful photo, Anne, and I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better, in every way!


Sandra, thanks, the photo's from our vacation in Newfoundland. Dave snapped it the first evening we arrived. Ahh...summertime :) It seems so long ago!

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