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Happy Birthday to Lynn ♥

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear OLDER sister,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
With love from your YOUNGER sister ♥


The Happy Happy Birthday Song by the Arrogant Worms


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Happy Birthday to Lynn!

The song is a hoot! My daughter's b-day is Saturday. Hmmmm ... but I think she'll stop talking to me if I play that song to her.


Maria, oh you should totally play it for Polaris - just tell her it's from your Venice roomie! :)

The Arrogant Worms are quite a well known comedy act in Canada. Lynn and I both get a kick out of them. But I hadn't known they had a birthday song until I found this video on youtube this morning!

Barb Cabot:

Having a sister in your life is a true gift. Nothing better.


You're absolutely right, Barb, sisters are the best! (And I'm not just saying that because Lynn has 40+ years of blackmail material on me! LOL)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I love the photos of you and your sister! Happy Birthday Lynn!
This video is so funny. I'm going to have to send it to my own sis on her B-day. :)

Have a wonderful day today!


Thanks Kathy :) Hope you have a great day too!

Yeah, that song totally cracks me up, such silly lyrics! (Let me know what your sister thinks of it.)


Hey little sister, thank you very much for the birthday wishes! The Arrogant Worms are hilarious. More importantly, you're absolutely right about sisters. They are the best.... as proven by you! You made my day Mrs. Benjamin. Thanks for being you.

P.S. I'll refrain from the whole blackmail scene, but only because you have more than a little blackmail material on me too!


My pleasure entirely, Mrs. Clavell! Of course, little sisters are THE best, but big sisters are cool too ;)


Anne, I hope your sister had a great birthday! And thanks for the refresher on the Arrogant Worms, I haven't heard them in years!


Ah Sandra, I figured you would know of Arrogant Worms! We're having a little combo party for Lynn and our Mom after church tomorrow, and there's bound to be lots of merriment there!

Happy Belated birthday to Lynn. There is an e-card by care2.com that has that song with pretty funny graphics. I often send it to family members :)


girasoli, that is so cool! I hadn't realized the song would be known outside of Canada. I'll have to look that card up.

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