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Pop up photo test

Just testing how to pop up larger versions of photos. Marta wrote up some instructions, let's see if I can follow them!


Yay, it works - just click on the photo and a larger version will pop up in another window - cool!! Thanks Marta :) This will be great for detailed photos.

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Yeah! It works. You're more than welcome. It was a fun to figure out how to do. It is also a neat feature for us since we are a great group of photographers.


So true, Marta. There are some fantastic photographers in the SlowTrav bunch! And so creative with the photohunt themes. I loved girasoli's technology photos, that clock tower is amazing!

Very cool. I haven't had a chance to test it out yet but am so glad to know it's possible to do!


Annie, isn't it great that we have people like Marta and Kim to write instructions for us? "SlowTrav Blogging for Dummies"...soon to be found on a bookshelf near you! lol

Sorry to be so late in commenting. I did check this out when you posted it. It has just been another long week - this time work stuff.

Very cool pop up. We are very lucky to have Kim and Marta to help us. I really enjoy learning all these new little tricks.

Thank you for your compliment on my technology post. It was an amazing clock tower, although not the funnest (is that really a word?) to climb. That was the the tower with all the birds hiding in all the corners flying out at me and all the dust, bird crap, and feathers everywhere. The views from the top made it all worthwhile though.


hey girasoli, no worries, I figured you'd have a lot of catching up to do after your dad's health issues. Glad he's ok!

I am now envisioning you climbing amid swooping birds and all - thanks for the laugh!! :)

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