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What Happens

What happens when your soul
Begins to awaken
Your eyes
And your heart
And the cells of your body
To the great Journey of Love?

First there is wonderful laughter
And probably precious tears

And a hundred sweet promises
And those heroic vows
No one can ever keep.

But still God is delighted and amused
You once tried to be a saint.

What happens when your soul
Begins to awake in this world

To our deep need to love
And serve the Friend?

O the Beloved
Will send you
One of His wonderful, wild companions –

Like Hafiz.

(From: “I Heard God Laughing": Renderings of Hafiz: by Daniel Ladinsky)

I recently came across that poem and was reminded of someone very special to me. If I imagine it as a story of my own spiritual journey, I would change the last line to –

Like Valerie

The amazing woman I met after I decided to start going to church in my late thirties (not so very long ago!), and she became our minister the following year. I wrote about the beginnings of my spiritual journey last year in this entry: Love song to God, and how Valerie's ministry (and that of our previous minister, Iain) touched my life. I cannot imagine a better companion to have on my own soul's journey to awake in this world and shine with the light of the Spirit within.

Here we are as friends in faith, on the way home after Maritime Conference last year:

Somewhere along the line, we developed a close personal connection as well. Discovering in each other a kindred spirit...a wonderful, wild companion...a best friend.

Here we are as friends at heart, on vacation last summer when she introduced me to her beloved (and oh-so-beautiful) home province of Newfoundland:

She was so supportive while I was sick and Dave was away...she called every day to see how I was feeling, made me soup, brought me ice cream, put up with my whining and weeping and weird flu-induced moodiness, drove my daughters to places they needed to be, had patience with my clinginess when I was needing hugs (yes I did actually say "no I'm not letting go yet, I'm so hug deprived!!" as she was trying to leave one evening...lol)

I say to my wonderful and beautiful friend: dearest Valerie, I am so blessed to have you in my life, our friendship does feel like a gift from God.

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Barb Cabot:

What could be better than a best friend like Valerie! A kindred spirit who fills your heart..it was destined for you two to be such a friend to each other. lovely post.


thanks Barb, it does feel like we were meant to be best friends, and what a happy bonus that our families get along so well. Tis indeed a friendship match made in heaven! ♥

What a truly beautiful poem and a sweet tribute to Valerie.

I love the line about God being delighted and amused with us!


Annie, that's one of the lines that really caught my eye too. I also love the acknowledgement of heroic vows that no one can keep...it's so important to always keep trying to shine, even if we fail in epic ways sometimes!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, you have such a beautiful friendship with Valerie and I always love to read entries about this special friendship.

Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful evening.


Thanks Kathy, your comments are always so sweet and thoughtful.

Love, LOVED your rainbow photo today - thanks for sharing it!! I can only imagine how it would make your heart sing to see such a glorious curve of colour stretching over the Highlands! I'm tickled that you thought of me while travelling around Scotland :) I definitely hope to visit there myself some day.

Nice post, Anne. True friendship is a gift you are lucky to have.


thanks Candi, I think so too. We are lucky to have each other :)

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