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Choir potluck - rice salads

We had a Christmas potluck at our choir director's house last night. I must confess the word potluck strikes a tiny chord of terror in my heart! Ok, not so much terror as anxiety. My limited experience with potlucks has tended to be at work gatherings where you have to decide way in advance what you are bringing, record your selection on a sign up sheet, and then pray that you have time to make it and remember to bring it on the appropriate day. There always seems to be an air of "it better be perfect" floating over the whole thing. Not to mention that half my office always seems to be counting calories, so I never know what to make! Too much stress!!

Happily, potlucks centered around church seem to be far less stressful...ok, so that is partly because I usually just bring my appetite and my friend Valerie brings enough food for both of us, but whatever...minor technicalities :) But I told her that I would bring the food for our choir potluck, so she could just show up and eat for a change. The day of potluck arrived and I hadn't really given food much thought. I remembered a really easy artichoke and rice salad recipe I'd seen on Eden's blog, and a roasted corn and wild rice salad recipe I'd seen on Deborah's blog. I couldn't decide which to make, so I made both. (Click on the links to get the recipes, I won't bother retyping them here.)

Mark and Val were already at Lorraine's house when Dave and I arrived. I handed the dishes to Val so I could take off my coat and boots, and said "which one do you want to bring?" She said she'd take credit for whichever one tasted the best! Each was quite yummy though so, as we sat around the table eating, she decided she had made both of them. One of the other woman could tell from the snickering that Val really hadn't made them at all, and wondered who had...at which point Mark jumped in, saying he'd slaved over a hot stove all day and now here was his wife taking credit for his efforts. Too funny!!

Here are photos of the salads...

My artichoke and rice salad was a bit different from Eden's recipe because I couldn't find Rice-a-roni, so I substituted a package of Uncle Ben's Bistro Express. And I added red and yellow peppers, and I toasted the almonds. Turned out great!


My roasted corn and wild rice salad was a bit different from Deborah's because I couldn't find any frozen roasted corn. So I just used regular frozen corn niblets. Also didn't have plain sesame seeds, so used a mix of seeds, which I toasted. This also turned out great, and Deborah was right about the huge quantity the recipe yields! I froze a bunch to take out to the camper on New Year's Eve.


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Anne, your salads look great. And I love your ceramic dish in the lower photo!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, looks like you did a great job with your contributions to your potluck. Your dishes looks very delicious. The modifications you did on both sounds good too. Must have been a great pot luck.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a very Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!


Sandra, my dish was made in Deruta (although I must confess I found it in HomeSense.) I have several pieces and absolutely love them!!

Kathy, there were no leftovers, so I assume everyone else found them tasty too! :) I had no idea rice salads were so easy to make, I plan to use these recipes as my potluck staple.

Happy New Year to you both!

Love the ceramic dish(and the food.) Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2010!

I feel the same way when it comes to potlucks. I never know what to make and hate committing to something and then wanting to change my mind later. Both dishes look yummy! I also love that dish and remember when you wrote about finding it. Happy New Year!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Me again Anne! Just wanted to stop by to wish you another Happy New Year. I also love your beautiful serving dish too. I'm not surprised there were no leftovers, it is a delicious salad recipe!And I agree, so easy to make.

Enjoy your first day in 2010!


Thanks everyone and Happy New Year to you too!!! I hope 2010 brings joy and good health to all! :)

Looks delicious - you should have been a salad sampler! LOL

Have a wonderful 2010!


thanks Jerry...of course being a salad sampler would require creativity and effort on my part and well, frankly that's just too much pressure! lol :)

Happy 2010 to you and Paul (and Beckett!)

I made Deborah's salad for Xmas day dinner!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Annie, what a coincidence! And what a tasty salad. (When fresh anyway. I froze some to have New Year's but we ended up throwing the thawed remains away because the texture was kind of gross.)

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