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Gratitude Friday...my daughters

I have posted before that I am grateful for my beautiful, wonderful, amazing daughters, but this day...

I am grateful that they have each other. I am so happy that they love to spend time together. It makes my heart overflow with joy to see them laughing and joking and teasing and showing all those almost imperceptible signs of affection one sees between loving sisters. Last weekend, Sara took M to a performance of The Nutcracker as her (early) Christmas present, and also invited M to stay overnight at her apartment. Well, M didn't know about the Nutcracker until the moment we dropped them off at the Cohn, but she was incredibly excited all week in anticipation of staying at Sara's for the night!! And Sara was, in turn, beside herself with excitement about the play and about spending time with her little sister. It was so much fun to share their excitement!! And so great that we saw M's happy dance when Sara finally told her they were going to the play. I don't have any photos of that evening, but here's a collage of my girls:


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Beautiful post,Anne & beautifuls photos of your daughters! I share your sentiments about sibling relationships!!


Thanks Sheri :) I'm so glad my girls are so close, especially considering that they are 6 yrs apart in age! There really is something special about sibling bonds.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, this is a beautiful post and it is so wonderful how your two daughters get along so well. I am very close to my sister too so I can relate very well to your post. I love the collage you have of your two daughters. Something very special to be grateful for.

Thanks so much for sharing Anne! Hope you're having a great holidays....

BTW, thank you so much for pssst tip about my blog roll. I hope they fix that soon, meanwhile I'll be clicking on the blog rather than the last entry like so I can get a more current update.

Have a great evening!


Thanks Kathy, it's great that you and your sister are close. My sister and I are too. We have spells of physically seeing each other more and less often, but always just pick up where we left off.

Is funny with the collage, Sara told me that she hates the photo on the top left where she's covering Moira's mouth and laughing...she thinks it's a horrid picture of her (Sara.) I can't imagine why, it's one of my very favourites of her!

Weird about the blog updates. I was wondering why there were tumbleweeds rolling through the comments lately (on all the ST blogs, not just mine!) I hope they get it fixed soon too - I use your blog roll to see who has new entries! Wish we could get that feature on the ST blogs.

Great collage. They were so precious when they were little. I think it is great that they get along so well.


thanks girasoli, yeah they really were adorable! I love their closeness. :)


I love the collage of your girls!

Yes, sister relationships are very special - I treasure mine.

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