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Gratitude Fridays...seasons

On this cold day, with a wind chill of -20C, I am happy to be inside and not entirely looking forward to walking up to the restaurant where we're having our staff lunch. However, the tasty food and shared laughter will tempt me out the door!

But days like this remind me of how much I love the changing seasons. I really don't think I would be happy living anywhere that did not have the full gamut of seasons! I appreciate the warmth of summer much more, having to endure the cold of winter. Spring and fall are absolutely wonderful, from the luminous delicate green of the new leaves to the blazing fire shades of the falling leaves. And winter too can be full of delights: the beauty of sun sparkles on pristine white snow, the amazing glitter of ice on the trees after a freezing rain storm, sitting in front of a roaring fire while the wind howls outside (ok, so I don't actually have a fireplace myself, but Valerie does, so close enough!)

A month or two ago Valerie shared this quotation in her Thursday Thoughts and it really resonated with me...

“The seasons can be so hard on us. They force us to face the world as it is – bitingly cold, swelteringly hot, unpredictable, subtle, devastating, life-threatening even. There is no hidden shame in the seasons – they are what they are and they stand upright, proud of their identity. As they roll through the year they reveal, diamond-like, the many sides to wonder and beauty. In one breath we struggle, despair, welcome back and marvel at the intricacy of the Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn symphony of creation. For in the end we know that in all creation the composing hand of God is at work – revealing, restoring and renewing God’s people, leading God’s people to, in turn, be glorified through the power and presence of God.”
~ Donal Harrington

The girls frolicking in the snow after a mega winter blizzard a few years ago:


The glorious colours that surround my house in autumn:


Mom enjoying the gorgeous spring blooms in Villa Borghese, Rome:


And the warmth of summer in Newfoundland:


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, lovely post and the experiences of the changing seasons are something very nice to be grateful for. As always, you paint a very beautiful image and create a wonderful warm feeling with your choice of words and your selection of photos and that beautiful quote.

Wishing you and your family and friends the best of Holidays and a very Happy and safe new year!


Thanks Kathy, I thought the photos and quotation went very well together. I can't say that I always like winter, I'd be happy to shorten it by a few weeks every year! Oh well, just makes spring all the sweeter, I guess.

Merry Christmas to you too, hope you have some time off to enjoy the holidays!


Lovely photos, Anne.

And I really appreciate the sentiment, that the seasons (including winter weather!) force us to confront the world as it is. And not how we might think it should be (after all, warm sunny days and nights would become a bit dull if that was all we had!)


Sandra, I know I certainly appreciate the warmth of spring (literally and metaphorically) far more because of winter.

Although winter itself has its unique beauty and attraction. It looks quite beautiful here in NS right now, while the fresh snow from is, well, snow white. I love the sound of the world when snow falls...

I'd love to see your Venice Santa when you get the chance to post it!

I agree with you completely; I've always lived somewhere with four distinct seasons and can't imagine not getting to experience the cycle every year. Summer is my least favorite because it gets so hot and humid (and buggy!) here in NC. I'm sure our winters are mild compared to yours.

I can't believe we are moving into a new decade (seems like only last year we were moving from 1999 to 2000!).

Hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday!


Hey Annie, your wish is my command! Venice Santa is posted :)

You're right, our winters can get pretty bitter, although not like the prairies. I don't know how those folks survive!

I hear you about the date. I was just thinking the other day that I barely got used to writing '09 and now I have to start using '10? Unbelievable that a whole decade has passed since the big Y2K angst. My "baby" girl will turn TWENTY in 2010. EEK, I feel old :)

Merry Christmas Annie, hope you have a great holiday!

Love the photos!

I really really miss the snow but I don't miss the below 0 temps (-17 ?) when I shiver and shake and cannot get warm. I am such a cold weather wimp now that if the temperature is even in the low 60's (17) I am cold.

Believe it or not, we do have seasons here, just very mild changes though. It is just difficult to feel if you don't live here. Trees also bloom at different times of the year. I am not sure if this goes along with the changing weather and rainy times of the year.


girasoli, I do actually understand how you would feel cold in what would be mild temps to me. As a teen, we spent Aug-Nov in Florida one year, and I remember when the nights began to cool down to the low 60s in the fall, I needed an extra blanket. But when I'm used to the cold, I'm shedding blankets if the temp is in the 60s at night!

Last time I was in Massachusetts in October, it was in the 50's. My sister-in-law was opening up all of the windows saying it was so warm out. I swore that was the last time I would go back there in any season except for summertime! I was always cold though, even when I grew up in Massachusetts. I think I have poor circulation.

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