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A what hat???

Show of hands, who was never subjected to the trauma of wearing a ridiculous hat made by an aunt, grandmother, mother, whoever at least once during your childhood years? Anyone?? Yeah, I didn't think so...pretty sure it's a universal experience!

Well if you really want to relive those moments of embarrassment, look no further...you too can have your very own mini monkey flap hat.


(Saw the above ad on Facebook...oh dear.)

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Well! This hat certainly is more demented than Kendall's hat, although fortunately, the baby is far less demented.


LOL, I hadn't connected this with Kendall's hat, but yes his definitely qualifies as an oddity!


That is pretty scary -- I hope it doesn't catch on with teenaged girls.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I think they look cute. :)


LOL Kathy, I just can't get past the name: mini monkey flap hat - that just cracks me up!! Super cute baby, though! :)

Sandra, in my wildest dreams, I can't imagine Moira or Kaleigh being seen in such a hat! (But then again, some of their fashions DO baffle me, so one never knows with teenage girls!)

I love it! Do they make them for adults too? LOL

Barb Cabot:

Is this weird...I want one! Just think it is hilarous. Call me the sick and twisted sistah!


Annie and Barb, too funny! I'm sure you can find one large enough for an adult (some of those babies have pretty big heads, after all! lol)

We should all do a "here's me in my silliest hat" post on the same day! Maybe April 1st...

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