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Backyard visitors

When I first looked out the window and saw the following jumble in the snow, I wondered what on earth had been going on out there! But a closer look revealed that the tracks are those of our deer neighbours, who inhabit the woods near our house. Dave figures they were digging in the snow to get down to the long grass underneath. (Long dead grass, I should think, but evidently appealing to the deer in the midst of winter!)


Here's a little closer look...

On completely unrelated note...it's really cool to see what a large community of SlowTravelers are on Facebook! I had no idea until recently that was the case. I remember mention in the blogs of facebook a while ago, and at the time, was personally hesitant to connect the two communities, but I've grown more comfortable with the idea as time goes on. So, as it turns out, I'm glad to share this new connection with several of you!

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Good luck to the deer, it looks like they would have to do some serious digging to get at any buried grass!

And it IS great to see so many Slow Travellers on Facebook! I just joined and was surprised by how many familiar names I found!

Those are cool tracks. I wonder how deer survive (although I know they do) when in environments with deep snow.

Barb Cabot:

wow Anne I can't believe that's your backyard...this coming from me a city girl. Also snow is pretty foreign to me as well. last week when I was in Cleveland I marvelled at snow and icicyles. when i get a chance I will post some photos of my snow experience. Having deer wander in your backyard amazes me.

I can't believe how much snow you have! We don't have any at all on the ground right now (crossing my fingers . . .)

Cool photos! The tracks make a very nice looking pattern.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, how neat to have deer right in your backyard. I feel bad for them though having to dig through snow for some food. You have a really pretty backyard. So much snow and space.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Have a great day today.


Happy to say, the deer have it a bit easier today...we had torrential rains that washed away all the snow. The dead grass is once again within easy reach!

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