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Fake photohunt ;)

As soon as I saw Kathy's photohunt entry this week, I was reminded of a photo I took of myself in my rental apartment in Florence last October (oh...just realized it was not last October, but the one before that...clearly I need to return before much longer!)

Anyway, the photohunt theme was spotted, and Kathy posted a photo of orbs. Some people believe orbs in photos indicate the presence of spirits...I have a friend who is actually freaked out by these photographic orbs, so this photo reminds me of him also!


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Wow, that's a very cool and big orb, right on the top of your head! I personally like to think that orbs are angels. I don't find them in my photos that often but when I do, they make me smile. I bet there are tons of angels in Florence!

Barb Cabot:

Yes we heard all about these orbs on a GTG slowtrav tour in Savannah. Lots and lots of orbs surrounded us there. I think yours was a very good spirit...one that was welcoming you.


Annie, Florence does seem a place full of angels! :)

Barb, I definitely felt very welcome in my little rental apartment! Lately I have been yearning to return to Florence...or elsewhere in Italy, I just love that country!!

Hey, you know you could do the real photohunt :) Cool photo!

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