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Gratitude Friday...Rise Again

As sure as the sunrise
As sure as the sea
As sure as the wind in the trees
We rise again...

I have long loved this song, but it really touched a chord deep in my heart as I listened to it today, while reading CBC news stories of Haiti, Afghanistan, and places closer to home like Antigonish. I thought of all the people rebuilding lives, homes, community, faith in the wake of unimaginable physical, emotional, spiritual devastation.

I am grateful for the awesome courage and hopefulness that enables people to rise from the ashes of earthquakes, of war and corruption, of decades of sex-abuse. The presence of God that strengthens us, the Spirit of hope that lifts us out of despair, the Light that enables us to shine in the darkness, never ceases to amaze me.

The stories of people singing in the streets of Haiti are especially moving...

Actor Jim Carrey tweeted: "watching Haitian ppl singing in the street together. destroyed me. we never get as close to each other as do in these terrible moments. ;^)"

Toronto Sun columnist Lisa Van Dusen wrote: "...desperation was being countered by the faith of Haitians singing in the streets..."

David L. Wilson of Weekly News Update on the Americas reported:

"Several hundred people had gathered to sing, clap, and pray in an intersection here by 9:00 last night, a little more than four hours after the earthquake had devastated much of the Haitian capital. Another group was singing a block away, on the other side of the Hotel Oloffson, where I was camping out.

I couldn't make out many of the words. "Alleluia" was the refrain for some of the hymns the group at the crossroads sang. A minister was preaching to the other group about Bondye ("God") and kretyen ("Christians"). The congregants replied with bursts of song.

There were frequent aftershocks. With each tremor, the singing stopped and the singers wailed; after several minutes the hymns would resume."

May my voice and yours join all those singing and praying in the midst of horror...we sing for those who have not yet found their way out of darkness, we pray for those struggling to rise again, we wrap our songs and our hearts around all in need of comfort.

And then we rise again....

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Wow Anne, very poignant and touching post. Your words are so moving that they gave me goosebumps. Thanks for this.


Thanks, Lynn, it's always so wonderful for me to know when an entry has touched someone's heart.

(On a teasing note...see what I can do over my lunch hour when I have no other plans to distract me?! lol)

Wonderful post Anne! Have you seen the photo of the little boy with the big smile who was rescued from the rubble yesterday? Just so amazing, the resilence of the human spirit.


Oh very funny young missy! And even though I love the blog and agree that the lack of lunch plans inspired your muse, I give you fair warning that I still will do my best next week to distract you during lunch break. Ha!


thanks Annie :) I haven't seen that photo, but will have a look through the news sites and see if I can find it, sounds so uplifting. Hallelujah for human spirit and resilience!

Lynn, I look forward to getting out for some walks! (If you can remember, of course...must be hard being the OLDER sister! haha)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, thank you for writing such a wonderful post. Singing and praying in the immediate aftermath of such tragedy comes from a very special place...

Have a wonderful weekend.


So true, Kathy, it does come from a special place. A place I think we are often hestitant to tap into lest we be seen as disrespectful.

Case in point...at choir practice Wed, our choir director found out that the upcoming sermon was to tie in with the situation in Haiti. So she changed our anthem because she felt the initial selection ("Sing a Song of Praise...") was sacrilegious or something. The slower new piece is nice too, but I personally don't see what is wrong with lifting people's spirits with songs of praise in times of darkness.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

Barb Cabot:

Such thoughtfulness and so perfectly matched to the theme of Gratitude. My prayers are for all people that are suffering and a prayer of thanks to all the generosity and kindness of the souls who reach out to show they care.


Amen Barb, I hope the spirit of generosity and caring will continue to expand and change people. Was reading an article on CBC website about Canadian mayors committing resources to Haitian reconstruction efforts (mainly gathering volunteers to build a pool of experts who can help with construction of new homes and infrastructure)...I could not believe some of the comments posted after the news story from people complaining about their municipal tax dollars being used this way, instead of being used to fix potholes and the like. Fortunately there were also some voices of reason and compassion among the commenters...

Great post, Anne.


A wonderful post, Anne. I haven't heard this song in a while, and it's very apt!

Beautiful song and post. It is amazing how in the worst conditions imaginable that songs can lift people's spirits.

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